Southern Biscuit® Returns as Official Sponsor of 6th Annual International Biscuit Festival Biscuit Baking Contest

Live Demos and Biscuit Baking Competitions Live Under the Big Tent in Downtown Knoxville   Do you love watching cooking competitions? Well we’ve got you covered live under the big tent on Biscuit Boulevard at the 6th annual International Biscuit Festival in downtown Knoxville this Saturday, May 16. Southern Biscuit® Flour, famously known as the […]

Legal and Public Notices for May 11, 2015

foreclosure notices   NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S SALE   WHEREAS, default has occurred in the performance of the covenants, terms and conditions of a Deed of Trust dated February 13, 2008, executed by CHERI R. WYRICK AND JAMES W. WYRICK, conveying certain real property therein described to PYRAMID TITLE, INC., as Trustee, as same appears […]

A Special Family’s Love

By Ralphine Major It was around lunchtime one Saturday at a Chick-fil-A Restaurant when we first saw them.  They had attended an Upward Basketball program at nearby Wallace Memorial Baptist Church.  Full of energy and full of life, they were a young family with children ranging from teenagers to toddlers.  Had we not seen  Brian’s […]

Growing Old

By Rosie Moore I am sending along to my readers some thoughts written by a dear friend that I bowled with for many years. I’m sure there are many bowlers who will remember Eddie Ward, who wrote this. He passed away before I could send this to The Focus so I’m taking the liberty of […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Let’s get”…political. Things are a mess and no rational person can deny it. Some people tell me I’m a fool to speak out against what’s happening in our country, since doing so will anger the illiberal crowd. “Liberalism” professes to welcome diverse opinions, but modern illiberalism doesn’t. Case in point is […]

Tom Brady’s Legacy

By Alex Norman The argument for football fans has raged for years, and will continue to do so long after you and I have departed this beautiful life… Who is the better quarterback?  Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? The fun part about these discussions is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Is […]

When the lights go out

By Joe Rector The lightning streaked across the sky, thunder roared, and in an instant, the power went out. It flickered a couple of times in feeble attempts to come back on, but not until sometime later in the night was the power restored to our house and community. Good things happen when “the lights […]

Tennessee baseball has at least kept fans on the edge of their seats

By Steve Williams Perhaps we’ve been looking at the Tennessee baseball season the wrong way. Instead of complaining about the Vols being in last place in the Southeastern Conference and potentially facing another season out of post-season tournament play under Dave Serrano,  we should be thankful we’re having a regular season that’s keeping us on […]

Focus on the Law: Criminal Exposure to STDs

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law In Tennessee the state legislature has passed specific statutes to make knowing exposure to certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) a criminal offense.   Under Tennessee Code Annotated Section 39-13-309, “a person commits the offense of criminal exposure of another to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), to hepatitis B virus (HBV), or […]

The Chalk Board: May 11, 2015

By Sally Absher This is Why I Teach. (By Farragut Middle School science teacher Mark Taylor. Reprinted by permission)… “I need to share something that happened to me tonight. I assure you I don’t mean to be self-serving in any way but this is how my night went (please bear with me): I left school […]