Legal and Public Notices for September 29, 2014

75 FORECLOSURES substitute trusteeÕs notice of foreclosure sale Default having been made in the terms, conditions, and payments provided in a certain Deed of Trust dated APRIL 15, 2011, executed by JULIE A. HELTON, A SINGLE PERSON, to ARNOLD M. WEISS, ESQ., Trustee, of record in INSTRUMENT NO. 201104200061793, for the benefit of WELLS FARGO […]


By Ralphine Major I do not remember why we named her Bonnie, but the name seemed to fit.  Someone gave her to us.  I am not sure why they did not want to keep her.  She was a pretty little beagle, and she was always happy.  Our father liked beagles, and our family fell in […]

A nice drive not to take

By Joe Rector The cool weather arrived this week, and before eyes blinked, leaves began coloring and skies turned “fall” blue. The time has arrived to think about taking those drives to places where the scenery is breath-taking and offers a welcome relief from work, football, and world crisis. I took such a drive the […]

Area Schools Pilot STEM Scouts After School Program

By Sally Absher It’s not your Daddy’s Boy Scouts program. STEM Scouts is a co-ed after-school program under the Boy Scouts of America that uses hands-on learning to show youth from elementary through high school how to apply science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in their everyday lives. The program uses the South Oath and […]

Common Core Math Standards Put U.S. Students at Disadvantage

By Sally Absher A new school year is underway, and the resistance to Common Core continues to grow. So do the lies and talking points from the Common Core supporters. “They’re just standards – it’s like a road map.” “Your local school board still sets the curriculum and schedule.” The Common Core standards are more […]

KCS Board Retreat Speaker Chuck Cagle – Lobbyist Extraordinaire

By Sally Absher Last week The Focus reported on the Knox County Schools Board of Education Retreat. Since then, we have done a little more research. Who is Charles (Chuck) Cagle and why was he invited to speak? Mr. Cagle is chairman of the education law practice group at Lewis Thomason, King, and Waldrop. He […]

Focus on the Law: Surviving Spouse

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law As a general rule, a person writing a will is free to dispose of his or her property as he or she sees fit.  One exception to this rule is found in Tennessee law regarding a surviving spouse.  Absent some valid agreement between the parties, a surviving spouse may […]

Publisher’s Position: Kincannon Endorses Sanger; Rowe Working Hard

By Steve Hunley Indya Kincannon resigned her seat on the Knox County Board of Education when her husband accepted a position in Slovenia.  Yet Kincannon is still trying to meddle in local  politics from half a world away.  Kincannon has sent out an email blast endorsing Tracie Sanger as her successor. Sanger is running in […]

Publisher’s Position: McMillan for Chair

By Steve Hunley Mike McMillan should be the next Chairman of the Knox County Board of Education. People want real change and the other candidate for chairman, Doug  Harris, is merely more of the same. If anyone doubts that, merely look where the establishment is on this issue.  Doubtless the Knoxville News Sentinel will fire […]

Thank a Teacher!

By Sally Absher Today kicks off “Thank a Teacher” week, which runs from September 29 – October 30, 2014. This week, parents, students, community members and area businesses have the opportunity to thank those who do important and valuable work every day: The wonderful teachers in our Knox County Schools. How can you celebrate […]