State Invites Public to Share Feedback on K-12 Math Academic Standards

The Tennessee State Board of Education is inviting the public to provide feedback and comments on the state’s K-12 mathematics academic standards through December 6, 2019, at 12 PM CT.   To facilitate suggestions on proposed revisions to the academic standards, the State Board launched a public review survey to allow Tennesseans to share their opinions on […]

Games cancelled, but you can still help the Price family

By Steve Williams   The eighth annual Careacter Star Community Service Games had to be cancelled this year and that’s a shame. Not enough coaches wanted to step up and bring their teams to the charitable event this season for one reason or another. As of last Tuesday, only one team had committed to play. […]

You can’t get there from here, II

By Mike Steely If you love to get out and go driving, especially while there is still some autumn foliage, there are a few places in our region that you can go… but can’t get anywhere beyond there. Until the Foothills Parkway segment was completed from Townsend to Wears Valley that park highway was a […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson There is a proverb which says, “familiarity breeds contempt.” The notion is the more you get to know someone, the more likely you are to see their shortcomings. I disagree with this old saw. I believe the more you know about someone or something, the greater your understanding and appreciation, even […]

A little light in the darkness

By Joe Rector It’s been another hard few weeks for us in the USA. Impeachment inquiries continue, Mick Mulvaney confirmed the “quid pro quo” before trying to deny it, and US troops abandoned the Kurdish allies in Syria. We’re reeling from the bad news, and some feel downright depressed at the way our country is […]

Finding Fall!

By Ralphine Major She made her entrance ever so quietly this year.  “Fall” opened her gifts of spectacular color much later than usual, making a bridge between summer’s stifling humidity and the harsh winds of winter. Long-time friend Bryce Williams, meteorologist/photographer, has permitted me to use, once again, one of his magnificent photos from the […]

What Happens When a Contract is Unclear?

By Jedidah McKeehan Lots of what attorneys do involves drafting, interpreting, and arguing over provisions in contracts.  Attorneys get a bad rap in this area of the law because people feel that once attorneys become involved contracts become overly complicated and complex and they turn from one page documents to fifteen page documents. I cannot […]

The NCAA Is Still the Worst

By Alex Norman There are a few constants in life. Death will come to us all. The tax man will knock on your door every April. And the NCAA will remain an organization with major flaws… flaws that they have no real desire to fix. The most recent example is the case of Tennessee basketball […]

Food donations needed for Drive to End Hunger

DONATIONS NEEDED Grocery food drive – November 12 – 16 at Grayson BMW to Benefit CAC Mobile Meals Connecting Hearts Program Drive to End Hunger. . . Grayson BMW is helping with CAC Mobile Meals Connecting Hearts Food Drive by being the drop off point for grocery donations.  Let’s “fill up a car” with much […]