Intersection rebuild to close Cumberland Avenue at 17th Street

The last intersection in the City’s $17 million Cumberland Avenue reconstruction – Cumberland at 17th Street – will be rebuilt and repaved later this week, requiring detours of motorists on both streets.   The work on the intersection at Cumberland and 17th will require a full closure, starting at 10 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 15. The […]

Legal and Public Notices for the week of December 12, 2016

Foreclosure notices     SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S SALE   Sale at public auction will be on January 10, 2017 on or about 10:00AM local time, at the North door, Knox County Courthouse, Knoxville, Tennessee, conducted by the Substitute Trustee as identified and set forth herein below, pursuant to Deed of Trust executed by JOHN HUMPHREY AND […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Sometimes I don’t have a lot to say. This may come as a surprise because I’ve been cobbling 1000 word stories together every week for ten years. Some of my detractors may even welcome the prospect of my silence. It has been my modus operandi to wait for stories to find […]

A Smoother Journey

By Joe Rector The older I grow,  the more I come to realize that life resembles a ride on the biggest roller coaster in existence, and it’s a ride that travels much too fast for my taste. Those rides that make stomachs rise to throats and frazzle nerves aren’t things I find particularly fun; more […]

Where’s Rudolph?

By Ralphine Major The look on her face was one of pain and distress. Her hands clutched her stomach. We thought she was ill. Many years ago, mother and I had nursery duty during worship service. The group of three-year-old children looked adorable in their Christmas outfits and eyes full of wonderment. The class had […]

Should I let the police search my vehicle?

By Jed McKeehan You’ve seen the dramatic car searches on the TV shows, and you might be wondering what you would do if you were asked to allow the police to search your vehicle without probable cause. First off, why are they searching your vehicle?  They are looking for drugs, drug items, or other things […]

King of the Courts

King of the Courts

By Steve Hunley Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond apparently isn’t satisfied with running the Criminal courts and the Fourth Circuit Court.  The Fourth Circuit Court is Knox County’s busiest divorce court and considering how many marriages seem to dissolve daily, it likely moves like a revolving door at lunchtime.  No, not content with […]

Ijam’s River Cleanup Ongoing

Ijam’s River Cleanup Ongoing

By Mike Steely You may have seen him as he slowly boated up and down both shores with buckets and bags in the boat and a long dip net. Who is that guy out in the boat on the Tennessee River and what’s he doing? Depending on the day the guy in the boat […]

Senator Howard Baker, Part Ten

Senator Howard Baker, Part Ten

By Ray Hill Senator Howard Baker had seen several election cycles diminish Republican gains in 1974 and 1976. Democrats were optimistic about continued success and Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Ned Ray McWherter was asked by President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale to run against the Minority Leader when Baker came […]

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