Bonny Kate Chapter DAR meet today

Bonny Kate Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution will meet Wednesday, October 9, at 1  p.m. at Blount Mansion, 200 W. Hill Ave. Speaker: Ethan Anderson, an Eagle Scout who is adding a Blacksmith Shop to the Ramsey House. Contact:865-573-1116


SENIOR JOB FAIR For everyone age 50+ NEW! FLU SHOTS, FREE TAX HELP & MORE AT THE SENIOR JOB FAIR! Who: Senior Employment Service When: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 9 am – 11:30 a.m. Where: CAC L.T. Ross Building, 2247 Western Avenue The Senior Employment Service is hosting a Senior Job Fair featuring more than […]

The Doctor’s Rx

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I was able to retire from my traditional medical practice and become a semi-retired Doctor because my children were educated and launched, and Becky and I had no debt. I could afford my scruples, so I’m not criticizing those who have to stay in the system. I stay busy helping my […]

Cas Walker subject of new book, presentation

By Mike Steely Those of you too young or too new to our area may probably wonder what’s all the hubbub about that old man, Cas Walker? For those of us from this area old enough to remember black and white television and 45 rpm records, the old man  was an icon on local television […]


150 Years and Strong! By Ralphine Major For 150 years, it has been a shining beacon in the Gibbs Community.  Graveston Baptist Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary on Sunday, June 9, with a special service led by Dr. Jack Parrott, Pastor Emeritus of Black Oak Heights Baptist Church.  Nestled in a beautiful pastoral setting above […]

Legal and public notices for the week of October 7, 2019

COURT NOTICES   Non-resident Notice   TO: BUFORD C. HARVEY & KIMBERLY J. HARVEY; IN RE: SUNTRUST BANK v. BUFORD C. HARVEY 198450-2 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR KNOX COUNTY, TENNESSEE In this Cause appearing from the Complaint filed, which is sworn to, that the defendants BUFORD C. HARVEY & KIMBERLY J. HARVEY are non-residents […]

We aren’t all bad

By Joe Rector All of us might fall into the abyss of depression if we stay tuned to the news these days. Our government seems to find new ways to destroy the fabric of our country and our way of life. Wars go on endlessly and add scores of dead to an already unbelievable number. […]


By Rosie Moore Autumn and Hallowe’en is a synthesis of a combination of parts to form a whole in October, Autumn, at the beginning of the month, and Hallowe’en at the end of the month. Believe it or not, Hallowe’en dates back to 2,000 years go in the area that is now Ireland, England, and […]

Receiving Compensation as the Victim of a Crime

By Jedidiah McKeehan It is never a good thing to be the victim of a crime.  If you are, then at best you have endured something annoying, and at worst, you have experienced something that results in life-changing trauma, injury or even death. When someone is a victim of a crime, the state of Tennessee […]