Planning to Sell Fruits, Vegetables or Nuts at Farmers Markets?

Preregister Today for Farmers Market Boot Camp Workshops in January and February University of Tennessee Extension announces a new round of Farmers Market Boot Camps for producers planning to grow fruits, vegetables or nuts for direct marketing. In January and February 2017 farmers will have the opportunity to learn about selecting crops and varieties that […]

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

By Dr. Jim Ferguson As I drove to work November 7, 2008, I marveled at how normal everything looked, where in fact everything had changed. Obama had just been elected President on the promise of “hope and change.” We got the change, and this almost destroyed our hope. However, we didn’t protest in 2008 as […]

Anything is possible…

By Alex Norman A Cleveland franchise won a major sports championship. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. A reality TV star will be our next President. If 2016 has proven anything to us, it is that anything is possible. So it got me thinking about things related to Tennessee and the world of sports. […]

A season of many turns may end up where Vols wanted

By Steve Williams The 2016 Tennessee football season neared like most others, with anticipation and excitement, though many thought this one might be special. I tempered all the preseason fuss a little by asking if nationally-ranked Tennessee was a paper tiger or for real. The season started with surprising concern as the Vols had to […]

Voting and Veterans

By Ralphine Major As I pen this column, two major events of the week weigh on my mind—voting and veterans.  It is quite interesting to note how closely the two are related. Americans have just elected a new president to lead our country for the next four years.  It is the civic duty of every […]

How times change!

By Rosie Moore I have a child who was born in 1955. I don’t think he/she will mind me discussing their age, he/she lives up North, but the year 1955 brings back numerous memories. Here are some comments that were made in that year: I’ll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way […]


By Joe Rector Thwack! Thwack! Thawck! The sound grows louder as the sky fills with the same sound coming from hundreds or even thousands as they hover. What can it be? Helicopter parents are either constantly present or on call to sweep into any situations that might arise. It’s a different world from the one […]

2016 East Tennessee Preservation Awards

East Tennessee is a beautiful region that is rich with history and interesting places. Each year, the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance recognizes outstanding persons, projects and organizations working to preserve our heritage for future generations. This year, our ten award winners are celebrated for their contributions to historic preservation and we want to share their […]

The Knoxville Focus for November 14, 2016

The Knoxville Focus for November 14, 2016

Beer sales near churches resolution delayed By Mike Steely What seemed to be a foregone conclusion to drop the current 300 feet required between churches and beer retailers saw some church opposition Tuesday night. The Knoxville City Council heard Jack Wallace and Carlos Harmon of Oakwood Baptist and Doug Stauffer of Antioch Baptist speak […]

President Trump

President Trump

By Steve Hunley When Donald Trump first announced his intention to seek the Republican presidential nomination, his declaration was greeted with little enthusiasm from many GOP regulars and a collective giggle from the ruling elite and the mainstream media. Just last week, Donald J. Trump won arguably the biggest upset in the history of our […]

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