Legal and Public Notices for March 6, 2017

Foreclosure notices NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE STATE OF TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY WHEREAS, Marilyn S. Melhorn and Kevin Stuart Cook Haney executed a Deed of Trust to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for Finance of America Mortgage LLC d/b/a Erates Mortgage, Lender and John Rockford, Esq., Trustee(s), which was dated January 6, 2016 and […]

What Does a Bailiff Do?

By Jedidiah McKeehan If you have ever been in a courtroom, then you may have noticed the gentleman up near the judge’s bench, in dress jackets, wearing badges and surveying the crowd.  Who do these people think they are anyway?  They are not lawyers, they are not cops, they are bailiffs. A bailiff is a […]

East Tennessee’s Changing Weather

By Ralphine Major With only one snow and record-breaking warm temperatures, January and February are behind us.  March has arrived with her usual windy conditions.  As I pen this column, several schools have already dismissed in anticipation of the thunderstorms moving across the Volunteer state.  A mix of wind, rain, and possible power outages are […]

Liar, liar

By Joe Rector At some point in this country’s existence, things turned upside down. Black became white, up became down, and lies became alternative truths. The last one listed is something with which all of us have lived and in which we have participated during our lifetimes. Most of us grew up in households where […]

UT hires an athletic director, but the wrong one

By Steve Williams The University of Tennessee has thousands of fans scratching their heads again. And that’s putting it mildly. Only UT could find a way to hire a new athletic director and at the same time alienate one of its finest and most loyal head coaches of all time. Phillip Fulmer, a College Hall […]

John Currie gets the call, Vol Nation Flips Its Lid

By Alex Norman Well, it finally happened. More than 6 months had passed since Tennessee athletics director Dave Hart announced that he would be retiring, leaving behind a legacy of Title IX problems, unnecessary lawsuits that cost the University millions, a coach vetting that would have been better done by a 12 year old with google, […]

Dreams, War & La La Land

By Dr. Jim Ferguson My wife Becky remembers her dreams; mostly I don’t. Perhaps it’s because dreams are so often random if not totally wako. Some years ago I wrote an essay about dreams concluding that no one knows why these nocturnal visions are necessary for our health. Sleep deprivation – and consequently dream deprivation […]

The Chaplain Corps

By Rosie Moore All through my life I heard the expression, “you’re never too old to learn.” And that’s so very true. I am so pleased to be able to learn something new on many occasions, something that I never heard of before or knew about. I learned this interesting piece of news from my […]

2017 Neighborhood Conference this Saturday

The 2017 Neighborhood Conference is Saturday, March 11, at the Knoxville Convention Center.   Advance registration closes at noon Tuesday, March 7. Late registration will be accepted onsite at the conference on March 11, but late registrants will not get the continental breakfast or the fancy name tag, and lunch cannot be guaranteed.   From David […]

The Knoxville Focus for March 6, 2017

The Knoxville Focus for March 6, 2017

Board of Education Approves Two Superintendent Candidates By Pete Gawda With little discussion at their meeting on Wednesday evening the Knox County Board of Education readily approved Knox County Assistant Superintendent Bob Thomas and current Hamblen County Superintendent Dale Lynch for consideration for superintendent. But it seems some board members felt there should be a […]

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