A gathering of hope

By Rosie Moore I recently received a little book written by Helen Hayes called, “A Gathering Of Hope.” We older ones remember Helen I’m sure, but, for the younger ones let me explain that she was a famous actress, born in 1900, died in 1993 of congestive heart failure. A star of many movies, such […]

Reflections of Memphis

By Ralphine Major “After two years (1962-1963) of practicing general dentistry in the Knoxville area, I knew that, rather than general practice, there was more in the profession that I wanted.” Those words were expressed by Perry McGinnis, though they could describe the feelings of many people who strive to find their place in life […]

Taking a long nap

By Joe Rector I watched the NFL/AFL playoff games and was disappointed with both outcomes. WIth the exception of the years that Peyton and Eli won the big games, I’ve managed to be on the wrong side of the score most years. What shocks me is that this year is Super Bowl 51. How’d that […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I can honestly say I had never watched a Presidential inauguration until January 20, 2017. I guess it was because I was always working. My son-in-law said he first watched an inauguration in grammar school. When I was coming up TVs were a rarity in school. In those days we learned […]

Super Bowl LI Preview

By Alex Norman It’s hard to believe, but there was a time in the world of American sports when the Super Bowl not only failed to be at the top in terms of interest from the public, but it didn’t even exist. This marks the 51st year that the Super Bowl has been a thing.  […]

Vols beat Kentucky to get that breakthrough victory

By Steve Williams The Tennessee men’s basketball team finally landed a big one when the Vols held off No. 4 ranked Kentucky 82-80 last week. And while this young but surprising UT squad had come up on the short end of the stick in five previous outings against nationally ranked teams, including a two-point loss […]

A Change is on the Way

A Change is on the Way

By Steve Hunley Most of the folks who voted for Donald Trump wanted some kind of change in Washington, D.C.   There were doubtless folks who likely voted for Trump in the hope of some minor, albeit meaningful changes in the way things are done.  There were probably a great many other folks who voted for […]

Historic Overlay in East Knoxville draws objections

Historic Overlay in East Knoxville draws objections

By Mike Steely steelym@knoxfocus.com “I didn’t expect the turnout to be this great,” said Knoxville Historic Planner Kaye Graybeal recently during a public hearing on the proposed Edgewood-Park City Historic Zoning District. What she also probably didn’t expect were the many hostile comments and pointed questions from those attending the meeting at the O’Connor Senior […]

Cordell Hull & the Income Tax

Cordell Hull & the Income Tax

By Ray Hill Congressman Cordell Hull of Tennessee is frequently credited with being the “Father of the Income Tax.”  Today, that is likely a dubious distinction.  When the income tax was first approved in 1913, the tax code was fifteen pages long.  Today, the tax code is more than 74,000 pages.  Hull first came to […]

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