Legal and Public Notices for the week of September 26, 2016

NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE   STATE OF TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY WHEREAS, Heather E. Terflinger and Dylen S. Terflinger executed a Deed of Trust to Real Estate Finance Group, Lender and John O. Rhea, Trustee(s), which was dated May 4, 2007 and recorded on May 8, 2007 in Instrument No. 200705080091493, Knox County, Tennessee Register of […]

I’ve Had It!

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve had it with the NFL and its politically correct commissioner Roger Goodell. This dude makes a salary of $3.4 million a year, and with bonuses from the various team owners, his 2015 compensation was almost $35 million. I realize it’s wrong to blame everyone for the actions of a few, […]

Explaining Statute of Limitations

By Jedidiah McKeehan The statute of limitations is a law which states how long you have to bring a lawsuit against someone who has harmed you. Each state has a different time limit for different situations. Here are some statute of limitations commonly encountered in the state of Tennessee. The first one, and most common, is […]

Gibbs High School Foundation holding fundraiser

By Ralphine Major I recognize many of the names on the list.  They have long been a part of the Gibbs, Corryton, and Ritta Communities:  Gary Acuff (vice president), Mary Brooks, Teresa Beason, Smiley Clapp, Dana Dalton (secretary), Mark Field, Jimmy Hipshire, Rebecca Longmire, Roy Mullins (president), Richard Schulz (treasurer), James Spears, and Jason Webster […]

Martin Luther

By Rosie Moore Martin Luther  was a German professor, composer, priest, monk, and a figure in the Protestant Reformation. You could say he had his fingers in many pies. Mostly known for rejecting several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, his main message was   that Christ died for you. If you can believe […]

Old teachers and technology

By Joe Rector The other day Joe Dooley and I substituted at Hardin Valley Academy. We sat on benches in the foyer, and before long, Rick Collett ambled up. The three of us spent many years together on the faculty at Karns High School. We looked like the old guys that sit in the shade […]

Senator McKellar & The TVA

Senator McKellar & The TVA

By Ray Hill Senator Kenneth D. McKellar’s reputation has suffered through the years largely due to his feud with David E. Lilienthal. Lilienthal was one of the original Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Like all of Kenneth McKellar’s feuds, it was a no holds barred affair and his hatred of Lilienthal became something of […]

Hispanic Heritage Month underway

Hispanic Heritage Month underway

By Mike Steely “Bueno Dias, y’all,” the minister said before leading the devotional during the kickoff of the Hora Latina-sponsored Ho La Festival in Knoxville. Pastor Melvin Colon was addressing a breakfast at the Knoxville Museum of Art and the humor in his greeting was recognized and appreciated in the crowd of city and […]

Betty’s Florist, The Flower Pot take it personally

Betty’s Florist, The Flower Pot take it personally

By Mike Steely “We take it personally, just like the flowers were coming from us,” says Emily Campen. She and her sister, Mary Beth Cary-Reagan, own three florist’s shops in the Knoxville area and take a personal approach in preparing flower arrangements for you. Betty’s Florist, at 8205 Chapman Highway, has more than 30 […]

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