Celebrating the pioneers who settled and transformed the southwest territory into the vibrant state of Tennessee, the Blount Mansion Association will be hosting its third annual Statehood Day on Friday, June 6, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Blount Mansion colonial revival garden, which has been maintained by the Knoxville Garden Club for 80 […]

Draft 2020 Strategic Plan Presented at BOE Working Session

By Sally Absher The Knox County School Board met for a Work Session on May 27 to discuss the Draft Strategic Plan. Board members Gloria Deathridge, Tom Deakins, Kim Severance, and Mike McMillan were absent. In his Superintendent’s Report, Dr. McIntyre congratulated student representative Lucy Greer (West High) on her recent graduation. He reported […]

Teacher’s Resignation Letter Touches Many

By Sally Absher Social Media blew up a little last month when a 20 year veteran Knox County teacher and former Teacher of the Year posted her resignation letter on her Facebook page. I contacted the author of the letter to ask if I could print the letter as part of this article. She […]

Veteran’s Ventilation

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m getting tired of writing, “Here we go again.” However, another scandal has surfaced in the Obama Administration, this time in the Veterans Administration (VA). I know something about medical care in the VA system, because I once worked as a doctor in a VA hospital. It was my observation that […]

Tennessee Football is No Life of Riley

By Steve Williams Off-season bad news has stung the University of Tennessee football program once again. Riley Ferguson, red-shirt freshman quarterback who many thought might become the starter in 2014, took his football and went home. Maybe he had a good reason. Maybe he felt had had a better chance of playing sooner elsewhere. Maybe […]

And Then There Were Three: Riley Ferguson to Leave Vols

By Alex Norman For a while it appeared that the unlikely was going to happen… All four of Tennessee’s quarterbacks in 2013 were going to return to the Vols in 2014. Reality set in last week, when it became known that redshirt freshman Riley Ferguson was likely to continue his college career at another school. […]

Focus on the Law: Planned Unit Developments

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law A planned unit development (usually referred to as a PUD) is an area of land to be developed under unified control or under a unified plan of development for a number of dwelling units, commercial, educational, recreational or industrial uses, or any combination of these, the plan for which […]

Truck will be sold at Wilkerson Diesel & Tire

Truck will be sold at Wilkerson Diesel & Tire located @ 3742 Hwy 82 West Leland MS 38756. Unit will be sold for towing, recovery, and storage fees. Sale will be on 06/23/2014 at 5:01 PM. If you are the owner or have a claim against this truck, Please contact us at 662-334-7716. International Truck […]