Yes, Mayor Rogero Really Did Write That!

Exclusive! Earlier today at the University of Tennessee Social Media Week, Mayor Rogero mentioned how she recently emailed her hard working, community dedicated, chief public information officer, Jesse Mayshark. The email was sent late on a Friday night. Within minutes, the dedicated public worker immediately addressed the issue! So the Mayor responded “Get a Life.” […]

Paradigm Shifts

By Dr. Jim Ferguson “The questions never change, just the answers.”  Sometimes I don’t remember if I’ve written something, read it somewhere, or just thought it.  Perhaps my stories and life  have merged into one composite.  You need to pray for my wife, Becky, because she’s my sounding board as well as my “editress.”  She’s […]

The Sixth Starter (Part II)

By Ralphine Major The coach often held No. 10 in reserve and called on him and his swift ball-handling skills to bail the Eagles out of trouble against the press.  Not only did he call on him to do that, but he also called on No. 10 when the Eagles had to press full court.  […]

Off-and-on play against Michigan mirrors Vols’ season

By Steve Williams Tennessee’s play against Michigan in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament was like a microcosm of its season. The Vols fell behind, battled back and came up a little short. Going into Friday night’s game in Indianapolis, I thought Michigan, a team known for its 3-point marksmanship, would experience […]

Rally Falls Just Short… Vols Season Ends In Sweet 16

By Alex Norman Tennessee’s athletics program has had its share of gut punch losses over the years. Add the events of March 28, 2014 to that growing list. The Vols basketball team fell to Michigan 73-71 in the NCAA Tournament’s Midwest Region Semifinals, in a game that will be remembered for a questionable call in […]

I’m an expert… in my own mind

By Joe Rector I am an expert at, well, everything. At least that’s what my wife and kids tell me. On so many occasions throughout the year, I’ve had to straighten them out on a multitude of issues. Those whom I love so much have been misguided souls at times, and it was my duty […]

Focus on the Law: Unionization Of College Athletics

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law Federal law, namely the National Labor Relations Act, passed by Congress in 1935 declares it is the “policy of the United States to eliminate the causes of certain substantial obstructions to the free flow of commerce and to mitigate and eliminate these obstructions when they have occurred by encouraging […]

The Titanium Division…The new encrypted journalist.

When I first started writing about encryption, few people knew, few people cared, and very few people understood what I was talking and writing about. I worked tirelessly to get the journalistic community to adapt to new encryption technology like “Silent Circle” way before Edward Snowden, NSA, Prism, and the many other major revelations had […]

Knoxville Focus for March 31, 2014

Knoxville Focus for March 31, 2014

Click here to view this week’s Focus.   Bob Thomas Runs for District 10 Commission Seat By David Klein Robert (Bob) Thomas does not have an agenda in becoming Knox County District 10 Commissioner. In an interview with The Focus, he said many times that he is in favor of reducing the debt. Thomas is […]