Three Common Types of Payment Arrangements with a Lawyer

By Jedidiah McKeehan It can be a daunting, and expensive, experience to hire an attorney, especially when you hear the sorts of numbers thrown around – million dollar settlements, $500.00 an hour, “we don’t get paid until you get paid!” What does all of this mean to you? Well, you want to be clear on […]

The Grainger County Tomato Festival in Rutledge, Tennessee

By Ralphine Major It is a bright-red fruit that has drawn thousands to Grainger County, Tennessee, for the past 24 years!  The Grainger County tomato has a very unique and wonderful taste.  Absolutely delicious!!  A pleasant drive up Emory Road showcased the beautiful East Tennessee mountains in the distance, often draped in an early morning […]

Ruby, My Cardinal Friend

By Rosie Moore It is said that “birds of a feather, flock together” but, Ruby, my cardinal friend would rather “flock” alone. I watch his antics outside from my window in the den and they are usually quite amusing. If I tap on the window he will fly away but comes back in a few […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Recently, two friends of mine on the social media site, Facebook, found themselves in a “dust-up.” The problem arose from the politics of our divided land. About four years ago I joined Facebook because my kids were using it, and I wanted to keep up with my kids and their pictures. […]

Jazz & Spirituals Coming to Hot Summer Nights Concerts at Library 

By Joan VanSickle Sloan MARYVILLE, TN- Longtime friends and performing duo, Wendel Werner and Alan Eleazer, will combine their considerable musical talents to present a piano/vocal concert of jazz and sacred music at the Blount County Public Library on Thursday, August 11, at 7 p.m. The concert is sponsored by the Blount County Friends of […]

Marketing Workshop Announced for Local Writers

  Publishing marketer Caitlin Hamilton Summie will lead a Knoxville Writers’ Guild (KWG) sponsored workshop “Marketing for Small Press Authors and the Self-Published” on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 1-3 p.m. at Central United Methodist Church. Hamilton Summie will speak to writers about the basics of creating a marketing plan for their works. Other topics will […]

Mommy & Me is just all that…

Mommy & Me is just all that…

By Mike Steely Miki Johnson was busy preparing flowers for a large wedding last week when her daughter and daughter in-law arrived at Mommy & Me. All three work there and even Miki’s mom, June Lay, is involved. June was out delivering for the shop when Jessica Johnson, Miki’s daughter in-law, and Candice Foster, […]

The New Deal’s Curmudgeon: Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, Part 2

The New Deal’s Curmudgeon: Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, Part 2

By Ray Hill In 1943, while still a member of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Cabinet, Harold L. Ickes wrote his autobiography.  Aptly entitled “Autobiography of a Curmudgeon,” Ickes immediately said, “If, in these pages, I have hurled an insult at anyone, be it known that such was my deliberate intent, and I may as well […]

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