CTE goes Live on May 4, 2018

Knox County Schools presents CTE goes Live, a music competition for 15 high schools in the county, from 7-9 p.m. on May 4 at Market Square in downtown Knoxville. Each school will select a student to sing at the event. With all this passionate talent, it’s sure to be a fantastic night! This event isn’t […]

‘Fixin’ to’

By Joe Rector I’ve been teaching Robert Frost to one of my classes of late. He is my favorite poet because his word pictures conjure up images that are familiar to readers and that help them to understand his work. A search through my vocabulary has recalled some of the most popular expressions that we […]

Union Baptist Church: Celebrating 175 Years!

By Ralphine Major In the eighties, it was our church home.  I filled in a few weeks for the church organist who had broken her arm and decided to stay when she returned.  Sometimes, I think of all the treasured friendships our family would have missed had we not joined in worship at Union. The […]

Is Legal Separation an Actual Thing?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Unfortunately, a phrase that we hear all too often in this day and age is that a married couple is, “separated.”  And you may have thought to yourself, “did they go to the courthouse and get some designation, or is this just what it is informally called when a married couple is […]

The Indomitable Woman

By Rosie Moore It is a well-known fact that women have been protesting and marching since time began. Think of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer crusader for women’s voting rights; Harriett Tubman, a former slave who escaped then made 13 missions to rescue other enslaved people, and, finally, Rosa Parks, who said,”I’m not moving” from […]

Jeremy Pruitt is a Work in Progress

By Alex Norman After the Orange & White Game was over, representatives of Tennessee’s football program met with the media.  And by representatives, I mean new head coach Jeremy Pruitt. No players, no assistant coaches… just Pruitt.  This creates its own set of problems…. But more on that in a second. Pruitt spoke with reporters […]

Toughen up! Pruitt is the right guy for this cleanup

  By Steve Williams Jeremy Pruitt set the tone his first day on the job. And I liked what I heard. “Your expectations aren’t near what mine are,” he said to me and you at his introductory press conference after being named Tennessee’s head football coach in December. “My expectation is to win every game.” […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson All writers think their words should be read, if not savored. Well that’s a bit too much, because I’ve been organizing my past Focus essays and I cringe at some of my past prose. Furthermore, I am repeatedly surprised, as I read my weekly essay aloud to my editress wife, Becky, […]

Honor Student Jacob Leuciuc Nominated for The Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders

Jacob Leuciuc, a sophomore at Farragut High School of Knoxville, has been nominated for the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in Lowell, Massachusetts this summer.   The Congress is an honors only program for high school students who are passionate about science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). The purpose of this event is […]

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