Vols' OL Dallas Thomas Invited To 2013 Senior Bowl

Tennessee offensive lineman Dallas Thomas has been invited to the 2013 Senior Bowl. The All-American lineman will be the 119th Vol to play in the prestigious game on Jan. 26, 2013 in Mobile, Ala. The game from Ladd-Pebbles Stadium will be televised on the NFL Network. Thomas has been honored as a third-team All-American by […]

United States Sen. Lamar Alexander issues statement on "fiscal cliff."

Alexander: “Agreement Rescues 99 Percent of Americans from Tax Increases” Says, “If we don’t address Medicare fiscal cliff in upcoming debt ceiling debate, we are on the road to becoming Greece” WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) released the following statement on his vote tonight in favor of the agreement to avert the “fiscal […]

An entertaining day on the Hubert Smith Radio Show

  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being in the studio covering an action packed episode of  “The Hubert Smith Radio Show.” Stopping by was Lee Willis, Julia Hurley along with her daughter Julia Zarianna Hurley, Tony Cappiello, and Gordon Boyd. The show had a great wide range of discussion. Topics ranged from the new […]

Update from South Doyle Homeowner's Association

The topic of next meeting to be held on TUESDAY, January 8th at 7 pm: Roy A. Arthur (Knox County Watershed Coordinator & Knox County Stormwater Management) explains $117,000 in grant funds for the Stock Creek Watershed, primarily for agricultural projects and septic repairs. The meeting will also include nomination of candidates for board of […]

Celebrating Kwanzaa at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center

Yesterday, on the second day of the celebration of Kwanzaa, I visited the Beck Cultural Exchange Center. While I was there I witnessed  the ceremony of the candle lighting.  The ceremony was performed by the historic civil rights leader  Avon Rollins.  After the ceremony, he spent time with me explaining the principles of Kwanzaa. I […]

Knoxville Fire Department Releases Statement on Mulch incident

Official statement from Knoxville Fire Department “Knoxville Firefighting crews responding to Shamrock Organic were relieved to discover the fire was contained to a piece of equipment called a tub grinder which mulched the wood into mulch. No extensions to the large mulch piles at the scene. The fire is out.” Captain D.J. Corcoran Knoxville F.D.

Update of mobile meals program

515 seniors are scheduled to be served on Christmas Day. Fortunately, many people who normally receive Mobile Meals will spend the day with family and friends. The Mobile Meals staff has checked to ensure that each senior will be home and wants the meal.

Knoxville Focus for Monday, December 24

Knoxville Focus for Monday, December 24

Click here to view this week’s Focus online.   Remembering Dr. Kelley By Sarah Baker bakers@knoxfocus.com Every teacher knows the famous words by Forest Witcraft:  “One hundred years from now it won’t matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank nor […]