Carter Glass of Virginia

Carter Glass of Virginia

By Ray Hill Rixey Smith, Senator Carter Glass’s long-time Secretary, wrote a flattering biography of his boss entitled “Unreconstructed Rebel: Carter Glass” and that Glass certainly was.  Indeed, it was President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself who had labeled Glass an “unreconstructed rebel,” emphasizing the Virginian’s frequent dissents from prevailing public policy. Carter Glass was born […]

The Summitt Legacy: A Personal Perspective

The Summitt Legacy:  A Personal Perspective

By Tasha Mahurin One can’t properly pen a series about the heritage of the University of Tennessee’s athletics program without paying tribute to Lady Vols basketball Coach Pat Summitt. I began this series with a goal to highlight unsung heroes from the University’s past; however, Summitt’s legacy extends far beyond this journalist’s earnest efforts […]

Focus on the Law: Social Security in 2013

Focus on the Law: Social Security in 2013

By Sharon Frankenberg Attorney at Law A bit of good news if you are one of the nearly 62 million Americans who receive monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits. The Social Security Administration has announced that there will be a 1.7 percent benefit increase for 2013. This is to adjust for an increase […]

Mayor Burchett just announced $330,000.00 credit card rebate

Mayor Tim Burchett just announced on The Hubert Smith Radio Show that the County will be receiving  a $330,000.00 credit card rebate.  The rebate is for items purchased with the county credit card system. It involves the “E-commerce cards”  that replaced the old “P-card”  system. According to the Mayor, while this program has produced rebates […]

City 311 Rises to the Challenge!

City of Knoxville, 311 director Russ Jensen has just released a statement on Facebook that is worth noting.  “So proud of the staff at 311 today!!! Most came in to work in the wee hours this morning to make sure Knoxville’s phone number was answered. Average time to answer customer calls? 7 SECONDS! Best staff […]

Mayor Burchett Involved in Wreck

Tim Burchett @timburchett We just wrecked. I don’t need to go to the bathroom any Taken from his Twitter account… he has since updated to state everyone involved is safe!  


EMS crews reporting Longmire Rd in Knox County is a solid sheet of ice!  This is the location of where the state trooper was unresponsive!