‘Mr. Speaker:’ Nicholas Longworth of Ohio

‘By Ray Hill If Nicholas Longworth is remembered at all today, it’s usually because of his marriage to Alice Roosevelt, the tart-tongued daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt.  Alice Roosevelt was anything but conventional and while their marriage started out with much promise, it grew somewhat cold.  The only child born during their union, a child […]

The Triumph and Tragedy of Woodrow Wilson II

By Ray Hill Woodrow Wilson returned to America to face a hostile Republican Congress and a people tired of the war. Wilson believed if he could reach the American people, he could convince them the United States’ participation in the League of Nations was essential. Wilson embarked on a tour of the country by train, […]

The Triumph and Tragedy of Woodrow Wilson I

By Ray Hill Woodrow Wilson was the first Democrat to be reelected to a second consecutive term since Andrew Jackson.  He had campaigned on the slogan, “He Kept Us Out of War” in 1916 and the President faced a serious opponent in the person of Charles Evans Hughes.  Hughes is the only person in American […]

The Tennessee Nightingale: Grace Moore

By Ray Hill The story of Grace Moore is not at all political in nature and hopefully readers of this column will not be sorely disappointed.  Miss Moore’s story is, however uniquely and quintessentially American.  It is both an interesting story and certainly part of Tennessee’s history.  Grace Moore rose from truly humble beginnings and […]

Senator James E. Murray of Montana

By Ray Hill Occasionally, a candidate comes out of nowhere to win an election.  It is not a common occurrence in politics, but it has happened throughout our history.  James Edward Murray was one such candidate. Born May 3, 1876 in Canada, young Murray was sent to the United States to live with an uncle, […]

The Kees of West Virginia

By Ray Hill One of the lesser-known political dynasties in the country was birthed in the hollows and coal fields of West Virginia.  The Kee family dominated the politics of Bluefield, West Virginia and father, mother, and son represented the Fifth Congressional district for a total of forty years.  John, Elizabeth, and James Kee served […]

Tennessee in Congress: 1939

By Ray Hill   Tennessee has been quite fortunate in oftentimes having an excellent Congressional delegation.  The landscape and economic condition of Tennessee would be much different had it not been for the ability of some of our Congressional delegation to secure projects for our state and keep them flourishing. 1939 was a difficult year […]

Ben W. Hooper

Ben W. Hooper

By Ray Hill For years, Ben W. Hooper was the most successful Republican politician in the state of Tennessee, if the measure was the ability to win a statewide election. A fiery and dynamic speaker, Hooper was a successful lawyer, yet he had overcome serious adversity to rise to prominence. In fact, he came into […]

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