City Parking issue involving booting cars appears rectified

Mr. Mayshark, the public information officer for the City of Knoxville has informed me in writing that the downtown booting situation appears to be resolved.  He also informed me about the little known “Wrecker Services Division.” Here is the email word for word. “Dan, The Wrecker Services Commission doesn’t have regularly scheduled meetings, it meets […]

Fiscal conservative mayor saves taxpayers money

As a reporter I interact directly and on a daily basis with a number of public information officials. I also interact with many elected officials. So imagine my surprise today when I discovered what appears to be a blatantly misleading post about one of the most respected departments in the City-County Building. Instead of printing […]

S&P upgrades Knox County’s financial outlook, affirms strong bond rating

While cities and counties across the country face municipal bankruptcy and other financial crises, Knox County’s financial outlook is strong and continues to improve, according to the nation’s two leading credit rating agencies. A strong bond rating is an important indicator for potential lenders of a government’s financial well-being. Knox County’s strong credit ratings help […]

Publisher's Position The Truth About the Sentinel’s Obsession

By Steve Hunley, Publisher Ever since The Knoxville Focus started a weekly poll, the Knoxville News-Sentinel has been obsessed about our new feature. Within days of the first poll, Sentinel columnist Georgianna Vines was burning up my phone to quiz me about the poll. I was surprised the Sentinel would be interested in covering another […]

Great blogs think alike!

Last week I commented about Sara Skinner’s amazing latest performance at TeenHoot  on July 26th.  Well, I wasn’t the only person blogging about how impressed I was with her performance as an artist.  The good people at The Huffington Post wrote an amazing blog about her latest Youtube video collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider on the same […]

Shining light on a bad situation at the coliseum parking garage

These photos were taken at the City of Knoxville parking garage across from the Civic Coliseum. Click here (ParkingBook2) to view the latest parking lot revenue numbers for the coliseum parking garage. The City of Knoxville generated over $336,000.00+ in revenue for this parking garage alone!  The photos were taken at approximately 12:30 p.m. on 08/01/2013. […]

The million dollar question answered

While sitting in the KTA (Knox Transit Authority) meeting last week a startling comment was made. “One million dollars has vanished off the books.” Now, to clarify, nobody was stating the money was stolen.  However, questions were raised by both commission members and members of the community about the complicated accounting practices that led to […]