Publisher's Position-Rogero should Sunshine meetings with Council members

By Steve Hunley, Publisher According to information obtained by The Knoxville Focus through a Freedom of Information Act request, on July 17th, from 2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero met with Knoxville Councilwoman Brenda Palmer. She also met with Knoxville Councilman George Wallace on August 21st, from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Details […]

Turn the radio up! Drama on the FM

Radio insighters are really interested in Merle FM’s owner recent post on Twitter…   Begin Facebook message…     Ron Meredith You will soon, let just say again how much I think corporate radio SUX and much it pleases me to be beating them from an old farm house on a ridge in Clinton TN. I will […]

City of Knoxille spends $54.14 per early vote!!!!

713 people voted in early elections. I received the email from Board of Elections in rapid fast and professional response time.   So 38,979.50 divided by 713 equals  $54.41 per vote! Special thanks to the open and transparent and very media friendly Board of Elections. Seriously, they were great! Email I received begins here…. The total […]

I told you so…

First click  then click http://24× . Bottom line, I told you so!   Dan Andrews

Congrats to WIVK for the CMA Nomination

  Andy, Alison, and The Morning Crew  have once again been nominated for a CMA award! Medium market radio personality of the year. The Knoxville Focus sent a reporter cover the CMA Award nominations this morning in anticipation that Knoxville will once again be well represented at  the CMA awards in November. Good Luck to […]

Political Leverage…one person can make a difference!

Attending city council meetings as a reporter is normally a mundane but a necessary task.  However, during the last two city council meetings something special and amazing has occurred. Normal everyday citizens have stepped up to the podium during public forum and with a strictly controlled limited 5 minute window and have literally changed the […]

Knox County School Board Member Karen Carson adds to her legacy!

Karen Carson, the 5th district representative of the school board further added onto her stellar tenure as a representative for the people. While some might debate that her greatest legacy is defeating a ONE TERM incumbent so bad that when the person ran for a volunteer elected position of  State Executive Committee voters overwhelmingly rejected […]