The Mass Hysteria of the Left

The Mass Hysteria of the Left

By Steve Hunley It seems with every passing day, as well as every news cycle, the leftists in this country are consumed by a new wave of mass hysteria.  The end of the world was nigh when President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court; abortion and voting rights would come to […]

Bill Brock of Tennessee, Part Eight

Bill Brock of Tennessee, Part Eight

Buford Ellington had barely taken the oath of office when speculation became rife as to who the next governor of Tennessee might be; Ellington had faced no Republican on the ballot in 1966, but Howard Baker had become the first member of the GOP to be popularly elected to the United States Senate.  Incumbent U. […]

Welcome home, Gibbs Middle School!

By Ralphine Major Finally, it is back where it belongs.  Gibbs Middle School is once again a part of the Gibbs Community thanks to years of persistent efforts from parents and local leaders, including school board members and county commissioners. For decades, Gibbs Elementary, Gibbs Middle (formerly Junior High), and Gibbs High Schools were all […]

Facts about gossiping

By Rosie Moore I’ve read somewhere that we are all guilty of using gossip as a vital method of communication. Some would even say that we thrive on the juicy tidbits that we eagerly wait to hear and share. Surprisingly, men are gossipers, also, at 55% while women gossip at 67%. Why do we gossip? […]

About Friends

By Joe Rector When I was a little boy, I had one friend. My twin brother Jim and I were inseparable. We played together, fought together, and took up for each other. Sixty years later, we’re still “tight” and try to spend time with each other as often as possible. Other friends came later as […]

What is an Expungement and Can I Get One?

By Jedidiah McKeehan So, individuals who have had an encounter with the law occasionally ask me if what they were charged with or what they pled guilty to is able to be expunged. When a charge is expunged, in the eyes of the law that charge never happened.  The official records of the charge are […]

What to Expect from the Vols in 2018

  By Alex Norman OK so I’m going to completely contradict the title.  When it comes to the 2018 Tennessee Volunteers, no one knows what to expect. You can say that this is the case for every football team in every season, but I feel that it applies even more for the latest Vols squad. […]

A-E and Brainerd waiting for Board of Control ruling

By Steve Williams Austin-East and Chattanooga Brainerd boys basketball programs will have special interest in the TSSAA Board of Control’s decision Aug. 13 when it announces its decision regarding the second-year of a post-season ban those two programs are currently under for the brawl that occurred in a game between the two teams last season. […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson What anchors you? In other words, what constitutes your foundational supports? I’ve been thinking about this lately. I have a friend who maintains that her anchor is scripture. I agree with her that the wisdom of scripture is paramount, but I believe there are other domains which should be considered. In […]

Kavanaugh Great Pick for Supreme Court

Kavanaugh Great Pick for Supreme Court

By Steve Hunley President Donald Trump’s selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U. S. Supreme Court could hardly be better.  Numerous Democratic senators have already come out in opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination, which is hardly surprising.  While the left cries about abortion rights or this or that, what it comes down to […]

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