By Dr. Jim Ferguson What constitutes a life? Arguably, some aspects are more important than others, and lately I’ve been considering the complexity beyond just structural aspects. “We are fearfully and wonderfully made,” but so is the house finch sitting at my bird feeder. The world is filled with living organisms of wondrous diversity and […]

God lights up our way

By Rosie Moore “You really do light up my way, Lord! Whenever I feel myself groping in the darkness of uncertainty, confusion, or fear, I turn to you, and you enlighten my mind to the truth and show me the way through. I depend on your guiding Holy Spirit and your Word to illuminate my […]

Nature’s Residence

By Ralphine Major Koalas and kangaroos, the two animals I think of at the mention of Australia. In recent weeks, images in the news have been heart-wrenching. Baby kangaroos that have been left motherless, and koalas with burned paws searching for shelter and water. Millions of wildlife animals have perished in the land down under. […]

Memories out with the floor

By Joe Rector The week before Christmas and the one during the holiday, workers completed laying new flooring in our house. They tore up the first-generation laminate stuff and replaced it with much sturdier, prettier flooring. I watched Matthew, Randy, Tyler, and Jimmy carry armloads of the stuff and toss the scrap into the back […]

Remembering the Derek Dooley Hire

By Alex Norman Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  I believe this to be true, which is why I feel that it is important to remember what happened to Tennessee’s football program ten years ago. When Lane Kiffin abruptly resigned to take the Southern Cal job on January […]

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, I

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, I

  By Ray Hill Alice Roosevelt Longworth remained the most famous presidential daughter in our country’s history; certainly she was the most enduring. An especially astute observer of politics and things political, Alice Roosevelt Longworth was also known for her elegance, entertaining, and most especially her acid tongue. No insipid child dependent upon a powerful […]

Get Woke

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I assure you that I’m not fishing for comments, but sometimes I wonder if my essays make any difference or are even read. Perhaps I’ve said enough; some say so. According to marketing experts at The Knoxville Focus, the newspaper has a weekly circulation of approximately 50,000, including the online footprint. […]

Where the Hilltops Touch the Sky

By Mike Steely You may have heard of the Standing Stone near Monterey, Tennessee, where a tall sandstone statue of a wolf or dog once stood. Legend says the stone, along what became old Avery Trace, was a Native American marker. Today the stone is only a small piece of rock atop a pedestal because […]

Time is Marching On

By Ralphine Major During the sixties, seventies, eighties, and even the nineties, 2020 seemed so far on the horizon.  Two thousand twenty and the start of a new decade.  Unbelievable! Changing to a new calendar gave pause to take another look back at 2019.  It was a year marked by the loss of so many […]

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