Chuck Swan area worth a visit

By Mike Steely You may know it as Sharps Chapel or simply the peninsula, but that huge swatch of state forest just north of Maynardville is actually the Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area. While it is mostly abandoned now, at one time many families lived, worshiped and died there. Evidence of that prior settlement dot […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson It had been years since I was in the sanctuary of my youth. The occasion was a celebration of the life of a great lady, now “passed on.” I like the term passed on better than “passed away.” For me, the former better conveys the sense of continuity that as a […]

What is the landlord actually responsible for fixing?

By Jedidiah McKeehan If you are renting a house, and something breaks, or is not working, who is responsible for fixing it?  You may think that the landlord is responsible for fixing it, and the landlord may say you are responsible for it, but what does the law actually say? There is an entire chapter […]


By Rosie Moore A man was walking down the street praying. “Lord, please give me patience–and I want it now!” How normal it is for us humans to want all the amenities of life as soon as possible. In God’s word patience is connected to trust, hope, faith, love, and good character. It also says […]


By Joe Rector Even though we spend the majority of our lives with special loved ones, sometimes they do things that simply amaze us and remind us just how lucky we are and how much better our lives are because of them. That’s the way it is with my wife. Amy is my hero; more […]

On the First Day of Madness, my True Team gave to me …

By Steve Williams As we fill out our tournament brackets and look ahead to the start of the NCAA’s Big Dance this week, I’ve composed a little jingle you Tennessee basketball fans may like to sing. The tune goes just like The 12 Days of Christmas. A one and a two …   On the […]

Good Luck, VOLS!

By Ralphine Major “They’re fun to watch!”  That is the comment I have heard so often in recent weeks referring to The University of Tennessee men’s basketball team.  I agree.  The chemistry of this team on the court is amazing.  It brings back memories of the “Ernie and Bernie Show” during the seventies.  Ernie Grunfeld […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  By Alex  Norman I love Christmas… you love Christmas… but with all due respect to the Christmas season, the next two weeks are the most wonderful time of the year. For all the issues currently plaguing collegiate athletics, the NCAA tournament is something that they haven’t figured out how to screw up… yet. The […]

Watkins Overton, ‘Mr. Crump’s Mayor’

Watkins Overton, ‘Mr. Crump’s Mayor’

By Ray Hill Samuel Watkins Overton, Jr. came from one of Tennessee’s most prominent families; Overton was the great-great grandson of Judge John Overton, a contemporary of General Andrew Jackson and the founder of Memphis. Overton joined the law firm founded by Senator Kenneth D. McKellar in 1922. An aristocrat by Tennessee standards, Watkins Overton […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Spiritually and philosophically I am Trinitarian. I’ve told Becky that if we ever participate in a newlywed-like game and we’re asked my favorite number, the answer is three – in most instances. Becky maintains that I find three choices in almost any situation. In my defense I think four choices is […]

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