By Dr. Jim Ferguson The role of grandparents is certainly different than for parents. We have four grandchildren under seven years old and our function is to be supportive of the family and to serve as role models. We also have a fifteen year old grandson, but he is on teenager “autopilot.” Becky and I […]

Blooms for Blessings: A Wallace Women’s Ministry Event

By Ralphine Major “When I realized my late grandmother had more flowers than I knew what to do with, I began praying how I could be intentional with all of these beautiful flowers while being a blessing to those who needed a glimpse of God’s love,” Chelsea said.  “One day it just came to me.  […]

July 4th Reality Show Showdown

By Joe Rector Another July 4th celebration has come and gone, but this last one was much different from those in the past. For the first time in our history, the nation’s birthday was used as a centerpiece for praising militarism. Don’t get me wrong; I proudly support our armed forces, troops, and veterans. However, […]

Cooper Mays Stays Home

By Alex Norman Cooper Mays is one of the most heavily sought after football recruits in Tennessee for the Class of 2020. The Knoxville Catholic standout is rated as a four-star prospect by 247 Sports, and is currently ranked in their top 10 in the Volunteer state. The good news for Vols fans is that […]

Abandonment in a Divorce

By Jedidiah McKeehan Occasionally I will speak with someone who is about to go through a divorce and they will say to me something like, “they say they are going to get me for abandonment.” My normal response to them is, “I do not care what they said, ‘getting you for abandonment,’ is not really […]

Whatever Happened to Eddie Nelson?

Whatever Happened to Eddie Nelson?

By Steve Hunley, Publisher Edward Nelson was the Democratic candidate last year for the 19th District seat in the Tennessee General Assembly against Representative Dave Wright.  Until quite recently, he was also Vice Chair of the Knox County Democratic Party.  Nominated and lavished with praise by none other than Rene Hoyos, last year’s Democratic […]

Where is the Recode Map?

Where is the Recode Map?

By Steve Hunley The Knoxville Focus received phone calls and emails on last week’s Publisher’s Position “Too Many Recode Missteps.” Of interest was a question about the missing zoning map for Recode. For many months the text of Recode has been discussed and amended by the city council but the Knoxville-Knox County Planning commission has […]

Crump Goes To Congress, V

Crump Goes To Congress, V

By Ray Hill After Congress had adjourned in 1933, Edward Hull Crump, congressman from Tennessee’s Tenth District, took his wife on a three-month tour of Europe. The Crumps returned on September 26, 1933 and the Congressman stopped off in his Washington office to clear off his desk. Crump had a talk with James A. Farley, […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Memories are strange things. My wife Becky can recall the relationships of friends and family down to a third cousin once removed. And I can recall the Hebrew kings of the Bible and the history of Ancient Greece and Rome. Arguably, this may be somewhat of a “man thing” because women […]

Too Many Recode Missteps?

By Steve Hunley Knoxville City Council members and the mayor all take an oath of office to obey the City of Knoxville Charter. In regard to Recode Knoxville, have they faithfully acted within the city charter? Many citizens feel they have not. The reason for the lack of trust is the many missteps from the […]

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