February is Heart Month

  By Rosie Moore Valentine’s Day is over and enjoyed by millions of people showing their love for others.  February still remains the “heart” month because of its close connection with that amorous holiday. That heart that we celebrate each year is becoming more and more battered by disease. More and more people are dying […]

Talking with nothing to say

  By Joe Rector I admit it; I have a propensity to talk and talk. It’s not that the sound of my voice is pleasing nor is it that I have words of wisdom for the ages. No, I most often talk too much when I’m bored or nervous. In either situation, yapping like a […]

Happy Presidents’ Day!

By Ralphine Major The writing on the name tags does not show, but the silhouettes on the tags bear resemblance to the former presidents whose birthdays we celebrate in February.  Years ago, our mother usually baked a cherry pie on February 22 for Washington’s birthday and rolled up a Lincoln Log Cake on February 12 […]

Butch Jones is STILL on the Jumbotron

  By Alex Norman   Back on November 12th, Tennessee fired Butch Jones as its head football coach.  Since then the Vols had seemingly hired a coach (Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano), only to see a fan revolt squelch that move. They offered the job to Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy, Purdue’s Jeff Brohm and […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The flu continues to rage, and the spittle keeps flying. You may find this a  disgusting statement, but I assure you it is a valid observation. Years ago I watched two friends talking in front of a window as the morning sun streamed in. Just as dust, suspended in the air, […]

Alabama Liberal: Lister Hill

Alabama Liberal: Lister Hill

By Ray Hill   Joseph Lister Hill did not emerge from the hills of Alabama, nor did he have to rise above poverty; in fact he was born into a well-to-do family.  Hill’s father was Dr. Luther Leonidas Hill and the future senator was named for his father’s friend, Dr. Joseph Lister, who pioneered the […]

Be My Valentine!

Be My Valentine!

By Rosie Moore Probably many of you know the story of the origin of Valentine’s Day, but, let’s go over it again one more time. St. Valentine, according to romantic legend, was a kind-hearted Roman Priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius XI. He also tended to the sick and wounded Christians who […]

Can it be a Crime to Wear a Body Vest?

It seems weird to think that wearing a bulletproof vest can be a crime in and of itself, but it can be.  Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-1323 states that if you commit certain crimes while wearing body armor you can be charged with another crime on top of the crime you were caught committing! What are […]

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