Asking for Help

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve been thinking about self-sufficiency as I watch the pears, apples, plums and peaches on my fruit trees mature and wait for my garden to produce. We live in the humid and warm south so you must use insecticides and fungicides if you want any harvest. And I learned from reading […]

Remembering Alex Haley

  By Mike Steely Ever look for something you’ve prized over the years and have no idea what you’ve done with it? I once had letters from several people like Jimmy Carter before he was president, Alex Haley when he lived in our area, author Stephen King and other correspondence. The one letter I’ve kept […]

Watching Netflix

By Rosie Moore Well, I finally did it! After living a fairly active life, I finally became a couch potato. It wasn’t my fault; it was entirely the cause of the pandemic we are having. I may have been a couch potato somewhat but not to this degree. I do my three favorite things while […]

God’s Gift for the Day

  By Ralphine Major I had a coupon and correct cash in hand.  Cars inched along the drive-thru at a local fast food restaurant that morning. “Maybe we should have gone to another restaurant,” I said as we slowly navigated our way forward. Finally, it was our turn to pull up to the window and […]

Feeling Old, Thinking Young

By Joe Rector This past week I celebrated another birthday with my twin brother. Without stating how old I am, let’s just say that if the coronavirus cooperates, my high school class will celebrate its graduation from 50 years ago. I’m not ashamed of my age, but I don’t want to be one of those […]

Legal Separation or divorce for Christians

By Jedidiah McKeehan When people ask me about my personal position on the concept of divorce, I tell them, “I am not pro-divorce, I am pro people being happy.”  I would never, and do not, push people toward getting a divorce. Some people are hesitant to file for divorce because of religious reasons.  There are […]

High school athletes are back to work

  By Mark Nagi Tuesday, May 26 was a big day for some Knox County football teams. The high school fields were once again busy, as teams began the process of resuming organized workouts in anticipation of the 2020 season. “It’s been different,” said Grace Christian Academy head coach Rusty Bradley. “When we got out […]

Odds & Ends of This & That, V

Odds & Ends of This & That, V

By Steve Hunley Who Woulda Thunk It? Regular readers will remember I wrote last week the City Council Movement just doesn’t like cops. There are two members of the Knoxville City Council who are members of the City Council Movement – – – Seema Singh and Amelia Parker – – – and both are also […]

The Mask

By Dr. Jim Ferguson The sign of our times is the “Mask.” I was always curious seeing Asian cultures such as the Chinese and Japanese wearing masks in public. Understandably, the polluted air of Beijing and industrial areas of China might require a filter – or an oxygen mask. Masks other than the specially fitted […]

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