By Dr. Jim Ferguson   A rare disease has touched our family three times, though it would be years before we connected all the dots. First, an adopted daughter couldn’t move her arms. Then, there was a bride who didn’t smile. And most recently a sister in law started choking and couldn’t swallow. To the […]


By Joe Rector One of the new stained glass windows made by Leslie Little reminds my wife of a quilt. The patterns on it are similar to those used for generations by women who have sewn the covers. I’ve never met a person who didn’t love quilts or who didn’t want one or more. When […]

What Is a Court Order?

By Jedidiah McKeehan If you have ever been involved in a legal proceeding, you may have gone in front of a judge at some point and heard the judge “order” that one or both of the parties to the lawsuit do something.  Those things that a judge says are what is called the court’s “order.” […]

A sneak peek into UT football under Coach Pruitt

  By Steve Williams There’s a few things we’ll be seeing in Tennessee football again under new head coach Jeremy Pruitt and it’s possible we may get a glimpse in the upcoming Orange and White game. Remember the huddle? Grandfathers and dads should be prepared to explain when young fans ask, “What’s that?” Pruitt has […]

Mr. Speaker: Joseph W. Byrns of Tennessee

Mr. Speaker: Joseph W. Byrns of Tennessee

By Ray Hill Clearly, one of the most important and powerful positions in the American system of government is Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives.  The last Tennessean to occupy this vital post was Joseph W. Byrns. Joseph Wellington Byrns was born July 20, 1869 in Cedar Hill, Tennessee.  Byrns graduated from Vanderbilt […]

A great sports moment is unnecessarily tarnished

By Steve Williams This year there was a lot more drama in the NCAA women’s Final Four than in the men’s. When Loyola of Chicago’s Cinderella run ended against Michigan in the semifinals, my interest in the men’s tourney dropped like an air ball. Meanwhile, those ladies’ games had matchups the likes of Frazier vs. […]

Changes for Tennessee men’s basketball

  By Alex Norman Over the past couple of years, the off season was a welcome time in the world of Tennessee basketball.  From 2015-2017, the Vols didn’t play in the postseason, and frankly everyone was ready for a temporary break.  But that was before the 2017-2018 season, in which the Vols exceeded expectations, shared […]

Easter Bonnet

  By Joe Rector My, how times change. I haven’t heard the song “In Your Easter Bonnet” in years. A lifetime ago, children sang it in school and companies included it in their marketing strategies. Other things during Easter are much different as well. My brothers and I always got a little excited as Easter […]

‘Mary Poppins Jr.’

By Ralphine Major Get your tickets!  Show time is almost here! Lots of hard work and hours of practice will all come together under the leadership of Natalee Elkins, Director/Musical Director; Daniel Lineberger, Director/Choreographer; Taylor Branson, Production Coordinator; and Emily Carr, Production Assistant, as the talented cast of Holston Middle School’s Kids in America Show […]

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