Why you should not avoid jury duty

By Jedidiah McKeehan Every few months I get a phone call from someone I know telling me that they have gotten summoned for jury duty and asking me how they can get out of it. My answer is always the same:  you should not try to avoid jury duty if at all possible. Here are […]

The Chronicles of Narnia

By Rosie Moore C.S. Lewis was a British writer and theologian. He is best known for his children’s classic series, “The Chronicles of Narnia.” He was born in Belfast, North Ireland. His time in public schools was not particularly happy and later he wrote how schoolboys were mistreated. His university life was interrupted as he […]

I dare you

By Joe Rector Over the past couple of years, the partisanship and resulting animus between political sides has increased to a level that makes me wonder if our country will ever be all right. Politicians have managed to fracture the very fabric that makes American democracy so wonderful. The most important thing is for the […]

The ‘Wright’ Connection

By Ralphine Major “I’ll be glad when Christmas is over;” he said.  His words were followed by his familiar smile.  A soft chuckle hovered over the congregation, many obviously identifying with his words.  He continued.  “Do you realize how that sounds for a Christian to say that they will be glad when Christmas is over?”  […]

Standing in the gap

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Perhaps by the time you read this essay, my daughter in Portland, Oregon will be bringing her second daughter into the world. And what a landscape awaits my fifth grandchild. Antifa blocks city streets in Portland and accosts citizens. Becky and I thought seriously about postponing our visit to celebrate the […]

When You Are Sued By a Bill Collector, Who Is Their Witness?

  By Jedidiah McKeehan At some point in your life you may have gotten a little too fast and loose with using your credit card and racked up bills that you could not afford to pay.  Or perhaps you got a medical bill and have gotten behind on your payments.  Eventually, the entity to which […]

A Day Away in the Smokies

  By Mike Steely Sometimes you just have to get away for a day or two. My wife and I did that recently after both of us were stressed out and neither of us in good health. We hooked up our little pop-up camper, reserved a camping spot on the Little Pigeon River, and drove […]

The Crucible

 By Dr. Jim Ferguson I am not a fan of long winded character development in novels. I’m more of a plot focused guy. Consequently, Charles Dickens wears me out. However, the opening lines of his novel “A Tale of Two Cities” captures where I am today. “It was the best of times, it was the […]

Fall is here!

  By Ralphine Major Summer days seem to have disappeared so quickly, I scarcely saw Fall’s arrival! But once again, Fall is here with all of her beauty and busy days. Fall paints our landscapes with bluer skies and fluffier clouds, colorful leaves, and huge harvest moons. Fall brings those wonderful aromas of hot apple […]

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