Energy Density

By Dr. Jim Ferguson If my father had survived to 2019 he would have joined the ranks of a small group who, like my mother-in-law, are centenarians. We westerners marvel at those who have lived so long. Asian cultures often go further; they honor the accumulated experiences and wisdom of the aged and deem them […]

The Doctor’s Rx

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I was able to retire from my traditional medical practice and become a semi-retired Doctor because my children were educated and launched, and Becky and I had no debt. I could afford my scruples, so I’m not criticizing those who have to stay in the system. I stay busy helping my […]

The Manchurian Candidates

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Will Rogers once said, “I don’t do comedy, I just report the news.” However, in Roger’s time, unlike today, there was at least some semblance of factual reporting. I used to just laugh at the insanity of Democrat-Progressive-Socialists blather, but now they have become a dangerous, delusional and destructive mob. I […]

The Vapors

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Sometimes I feel like the crowd behind the Pied Piper of Hamelin. You recall the legend of the Piper whose job was to remove rats from a town in Germany. Then, when the town’s people refused to pay the Piper, he spirited away the children of the hamlet. Sadly, the rats […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Like Rodney King, I wish we could all “just get along.” But, how is it possible to coexist with hate-driven insanity? Jesus himself refused to compromise with hypocritical Pharisees. Jesus’ language (tweets?) in the 23rd chapter of Matthew is harsh, but measured when compared to the New York Times disgusting tweet […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson There is nothing as enchanting as the soft squeal of a delighted child or the gentle babbling of a baby. These are priceless to a grandfather’s ears and the principal reasons for our travel to Portland, Oregon to visit with our daughter, son-in-law and the PCOs (Portland Cute Ones). Tennessee is […]


 By Dr. Jim Ferguson I once wrote an essay about the modern scourge of AIDS and compared it to the ancient disease we now know as leprosy. Tremendous progress has been made with both diseases, and with modern medicine there is now the prospect of curing HIV infection, just as antibiotics are used to rid […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I used to read the New York Times, the Washington Post and listen to the news on National Public Radio. Not anymore, though I still listen to classical music on the NPR affiliate, WUOT. Nonetheless, I am well aware of the major news media’s offerings because it is impossible to escape […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Not infrequently, readers ask me why I sometimes use words that might not be commonplace. I’m not trying to be pedantic (ostentatiously learned), but challenging! And sometimes the perfect word is just that – the perfect word which succinctly expresses my thoughts. English has more words than any other language, and […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Here we go again. Deranged people shoot up a big box store and then a bar. Politicos grandstand and perversely fundraise on tragedy. The media manipulates the situation and people lament as they demand the government do something to fix the ills of society and the darkened hearts of men. Guns […]

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