By Dr. Jim Ferguson The flu continues to rage, and the spittle keeps flying. You may find this a  disgusting statement, but I assure you it is a valid observation. Years ago I watched two friends talking in front of a window as the morning sun streamed in. Just as dust, suspended in the air, […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Do you believe or trust what you hear these days? Admittedly, I have become a skeptic about climate issues and politics. And I no longer trust the media who, like Chicken Little, preach everyday that the sky is falling – at least since Trump became president. I don’t believe it’s healthy […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson By the time you read this, it will be February. This year Groundhog Day will be on Friday February 2nd. Legend holds that if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Hopefully, it’ll be cloudy over Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and spring will be just around the corner. […]

Salt of the Earth

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Lately, I’ve become somewhat of a bird watcher. Perhaps this is because I’ve discovered it to be a contemplative exercise. I’ve always been an observer of nature, probably for the same reason I’m an internist. Details are important in internal medicine. Now, as I do my spiritual journaling, I watch birds […]

Snow Days

By Dr. Jim Ferguson When I had a full time medical practice, snow-days were relaxing. My office was closed and hospital rounds were not dictated by a waiting room full of patients. How times have changed for me. Now, snow-days mean school closures and we get the “cute-ones” for the day and often more. All […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Every week I wait for a story to find me. Sometimes a story is obvious like Trump versus The Swamp. Sometimes a story line just strikes you on the toe. When Becky and I built our retirement home we were sure to include a wood burning fireplace. There’s something about fire […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson They say Christmas is for children, and I would agree, unless being around kids at Christmas makes you younger at heart. I have four grandchildren ages fourteen to one year old. The teenager is in a “galaxy far, far away,” and a bit too cool for Christmas morning exuberance. And the […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As the year closes, I find myself considering an end to my weekly column in The Knoxville Focus. Aging doctors, and columnists, need to know when it’s time to go. As best we understand, humans are the only time-conscious creatures on earth. Perhaps an exception is my dog Jack, who knows […]

The Fountain of Youth

By Dr. Jim Ferguson My Christmas essays for 2017 were written in weeks past. So, if you missed them or other essays, the Knoxville Focus has a fine website and archive of previous issues, including my pontifications. Just go to knoxfocus.com, click on archives and then select the week you missed. Finally, go the bottom […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson This is an unusual Christmas season for me. I say this because all my shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and are already under the tree. I’m not being smug because my wife Becky, like most women, does the lion’s share of Christmas shopping. Actually, she likes shopping, and I […]

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