Skeptic or cynic?

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I have to admit that the more I listen to “experts” the more confused I become. As a citizen and physician, I believe it is my duty to stay informed. So, I read widely.  And I watch the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings. Admittedly, I have an a priori […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson A common idiom holds that there are two sides of a coin. The interpretation of this saying, or dichotomy, is a contrast between oppositional perspectives. Philosophically, I’ve always held that with any concept you can conceive of its opposite. Simple examples are left/right, up/down or matter/anti-matter. I am a monotheist and […]

Coronavirus connections

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m tired of thinking about the coronavirus crisis, though it is difficult not to be in its clutches. Becky’s mother just celebrated her 103rd birthday and Becky organized family and friends to parade by our matriarch within their cars because of social distancing! It was a unique celebration. So much so […]

Keeping the Faith

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Few Americans would argue that life has changed dramatically in the last month. For me, even 9/11 and retirement pale in comparison to the COVID–19 pandemic. All my life I was racing somewhere: college, then medical school, my office or the hospital, even family dinners or my daughters’ activities. In the […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The coronavirus crisis continues and obscures all other news such as Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and this year’s flu which has already killed 41,000 Americans. Actually, Biden is fortunate that he’s sheltered from crowds and gaffs. In some ways I feel sorry for Ole Joe, coerced into his presidential run and […]

The Plague

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m fascinated by the ever-changing English lexicon, defined as the vocabulary or corpus of a language. I’ve written about words, our tools of expression. I’ve described being “woke,” exercising “intersectionality” and the definition of “leftism.” And now a new term, social-distancing, is being used by everyone. This is a “tosspot” term, […]

Stampedes and Solace

  By Dr. Jim Ferguson   Three weeks ago, who would have imagined that the stock market would fall 8000 points, OPEC would dissolve in an oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, Bolshevik Bernie’s campaign would go from the lead to the sewer, sports would cease and the world would lose its mind over […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson How do you know what you know is correct? After watching the Super Tuesday election results, it is apparent TV pundits are clueless. It begs the question, why do we still listen to people who are so often wrong? The crux of my original question concerns facts. Using our senses, we […]

Seasonal Reflections

By Dr. Jim Ferguson While campaigning in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton once intoned, “I don’t feel no-ways tarred.” Well, these days I often do. When I was younger, I used to get up, take a shower, drink Dolly’s “cup of ambition” and be at the top of my game. Not so anymore, at sixty-nine years […]

The Crats

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Even though I’m a science-based guy, I’ve come to appreciate language and words. I don’t know where this came from. My brother is also a science guy, and admits he doesn’t get good vibes from poetry or lofty prose. By contrast, I do, at least now. I believe my transformation was […]