By Dr. Jim Ferguson The tiny spot on the top of my head looked no different than the other brown aging spots from sun damage.  In fact, experts maintain that 90% of the appearance of aged skin is due to the sun and called photo-aging.  If you don’t believe me go into the bathroom, take […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Most of the time I write because it gives me joy. I do have other hobbies, but writing helps me clarify my thoughts and feelings. I’ve often encouraged patients to organize their feelings and scattered thoughts by writing them down. Some people have the gift of what politicians refer to as […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson It’s been described as the Delhi Belly, the Green Apple Quick Step, Montezuma’s Revenge and other guttural, though no less descriptive, terms.  We’ve all had it and suffered through it.  It’s a dreaded condition on cruise ships and may cause you to be quarantined on your vacation.  Let’s face it, acute […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Americans have trouble understanding the generational hatred that exists in the Middle East.  It is obvious that our leaders are confounded by this enmity as well.  John Kerry asked the “terrorist organization” Hamas “to be reasonable,” while Nancy Pelosi maintains that Hamas, which controls Gaza and rains rockets on Israel, is […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson We tend to take the natural processes of life for granted.  I don’t think about breathing or even sleeping very often because they are under the control of subconscious areas of my brain.  Actually, patients not infrequently consult me about “breathlessness.”  Of course shortness of breath can be caused by heart […]

What’s Going On?

By Dr. Jim Ferguson As a baby boomer, the music I identify with is Rock and Roll.  I came of age in the 60s and “my music” was the British invasion of the Beatles, but even more so, the Motown sound of the Contours, Smokey Robinson, and, of course, Marvin Gaye.  In fact, Marvin Gaye […]

The Kitchen Drawer

By Dr. Jim Ferguson My wife, Becky, relates a story of a long departed relative who grew up in the Great Depression.  This lady understood privation, and as a result saved everything for the  proverbial “rainy day.”  As the family sorted through her life’s history and estate (collections) they found a box full of tiny […]

July 4th Polemic and Hope

By Dr. Jim Ferguson   My daughter is an English teacher, and writer. She recently commented that I am prolific.  I do seem to have a lot to say, perhaps because I have a voice (The Focus) and perhaps because I’m passionate about many things and my country. I was intrigued when a neighbor recently […]

Oh Law!

By Dr. Jim Ferguson As I watched my grandson, Oakley, run towards the ocean’s edge I realized he was still a toddler.  His lack of arm swing and twisting torso gave him that sweet awkwardness of little children.  Watching him caused me to think about some of my elderly patients who are losing their fluidity […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m not a beach person like the Johnson side of my family.  I identify more with the Psalmist who said, “I look unto the mountains, from whence cometh my strength.”  Yet, I find myself at the beach again this year with our extended family and count my blessings.  Though I might […]

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