By Dr. Jim Ferguson I once wrote an essay about the modern scourge of AIDS and compared it to the ancient disease we now know as leprosy. Tremendous progress has been made with both diseases, and with modern medicine there is now the prospect of curing HIV infection, just as antibiotics are used to rid […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I used to read the New York Times, the Washington Post and listen to the news on National Public Radio. Not anymore, though I still listen to classical music on the NPR affiliate, WUOT. Nonetheless, I am well aware of the major news media’s offerings because it is impossible to escape […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Not infrequently, readers ask me why I sometimes use words that might not be commonplace. I’m not trying to be pedantic (ostentatiously learned), but challenging! And sometimes the perfect word is just that – the perfect word which succinctly expresses my thoughts. English has more words than any other language, and […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Here we go again. Deranged people shoot up a big box store and then a bar. Politicos grandstand and perversely fundraise on tragedy. The media manipulates the situation and people lament as they demand the government do something to fix the ills of society and the darkened hearts of men. Guns […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Ticks are disgusting creatures, especially the large “fat” ones on your dog. I have the same visceral opinion of maggots and blood worms, the latter we recently found in our pasture. There is a principal in physics which holds that nature abhors a vacuum. By analogy, everything in nature serves a […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson It’s a good thing I live in the south because I like hot weather. I’d rather be too hot than too cold – as long as there’s a bit of summertime air-conditioning. A hot, sandy beach in mid summer is not my cup of tea. I’m more of a mountain man […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Dr. Ferguson you were terminated in December 2018.” I was informed of my “status” while trying to refill a patient’s medication with a mail order pharmaceutical company. I asked the lady how I could be terminated from an organization I had never joined. She had no answer and referred me to […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The role of grandparents is certainly different than for parents. We have four grandchildren under seven years old and our function is to be supportive of the family and to serve as role models. We also have a fifteen year old grandson, but he is on teenager “autopilot.” Becky and I […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Memories are strange things. My wife Becky can recall the relationships of friends and family down to a third cousin once removed. And I can recall the Hebrew kings of the Bible and the history of Ancient Greece and Rome. Arguably, this may be somewhat of a “man thing” because women […]

Traffic Patterns

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Except during medical school, I’ve lived in Knoxville all my life. I love my hometown which is not too big or too small and, of course, we have the Vols! However, a common complaint of city life is traffic. And Knoxville’s traffic situation has become insane. We live in the UT […]