The Cruelest Season

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Poet T. S. Eliot once penned “APRIL is the cruelest month…Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow…” Eliot’s metaphor in his poem “Wasteland” alludes to the complacency of modern man aiding the destruction of Western culture. However, I disagree with him regarding winter’s coziness. I see winter as the […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson This is not a paid endorsement, but I’m a fan of The Teaching Company, an organization that contracts with college professors to develop university level courses, and then markets these courses to people who enjoy continuing education. In fact, most of my non-science education has occurred over the last three decades […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I have previously written about the Christian-Newsom torture-murders, and concluded that “Sometimes, the best explanation for the otherwise inexplicable, is evil.” I continue to reflect upon the notion of such a force which is the opposite of absolute good, a concept I know as God. Recently, I read that the ringleader […]


 By Dr. Jim Ferguson Life is often complicated, and doesn’t always go as envisioned or as we desire. I recently wrote about why I now practice concierge medicine, and described the stress that nearly 50% of doctors say is causing them to consider leaving medical practice. I suspect there is some validity to a modern […]

Lost in modernity

By Dr. Jim Ferguson There are many reasons I left traditional medicine. For more than four decades I cared for patients in my office and then, when necessary, followed them to the emergency room or the hospital. I have jokingly told patients I could take out their appendix, but they would probably never be quite […]

If not now, when?

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Will there always be an America? I never considered this until recently, but the question is at the heart of the border crisis and alien invasion versus lawful and legal immigration. The president clearly understands and articulated the issues in his national address. The safety of the American people is the […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I was never bookish growing up. I did well enough in school to get by and mostly avoided parental punishment. Admittedly, my primary interests were sports and girls. My fifth grade teacher and I are church members, and she was once asked if she thought her former pupil would ever amount […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson At year’s end, we expect to hear and sometimes make New Year’s resolutions. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to pay attention and not forget vacation schedules. Each week columnists have editorial deadlines for the Focus. The problem occurs when the deadlines are moved up to allow The Focus staff […]

‘Tis the Season

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I believe you appreciate wellness, when you haven’t had it in a while. I’m on the recovery side of a bad cold for which I can thank my wife Becky. Actually, it wasn’t her fault; she was an innocent bystander of the “kennel cough” our dog Jack brought home from who […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson For a kid the most exciting time of the year is Christmas; and it’s all about magic. We regularly pick up our “cute-ones” (aka grandkids) from preschool, and last Wednesday they were excited, not just to see us, which they usually are, but because their parents were taking them to see […]