By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Dr. Ferguson you were terminated in December 2018.” I was informed of my “status” while trying to refill a patient’s medication with a mail order pharmaceutical company. I asked the lady how I could be terminated from an organization I had never joined. She had no answer and referred me to […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The role of grandparents is certainly different than for parents. We have four grandchildren under seven years old and our function is to be supportive of the family and to serve as role models. We also have a fifteen year old grandson, but he is on teenager “autopilot.” Becky and I […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Memories are strange things. My wife Becky can recall the relationships of friends and family down to a third cousin once removed. And I can recall the Hebrew kings of the Bible and the history of Ancient Greece and Rome. Arguably, this may be somewhat of a “man thing” because women […]

Traffic Patterns

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Except during medical school, I’ve lived in Knoxville all my life. I love my hometown which is not too big or too small and, of course, we have the Vols! However, a common complaint of city life is traffic. And Knoxville’s traffic situation has become insane. We live in the UT […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson You might not be aware that your heart operates by electricity. No, not like an electric lamp or a hybrid car’s battery. But, nonetheless, the heart functions by electromagnetism, utilizing one of the four fundamental forces of the universe as defined by physics. The heart is comprised of muscle, blood vessels […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I am Trinitarian in my faith, but also philosophically. I maintain that four choices are often too many and two are not enough. Three seems about right to me. My wife Becky says I can find three options for almost any situation. My father was a Navy officer and perhaps it […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As my readers know, I am a stickler for words. After all, words are the only tools beyond body language we have to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Mr. Webster advertises nearly a half million words in his on-line English dictionary, and I doubt this includes all the legalese, medical-ese and […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson My stories always find me, eventually. However, this week’s inspiration surprised me. I don’t mean to be disrespectful of our military, but this Memorial Day essay has a slightly different focus. I just hope everyone used the holiday weekend to remember those who made and make our freedom possible. For many […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Motown icon Aretha Franklin once sang, “Change, Change, Change…” No, sorry, that was “Chain, Chain, Chain…Chain of Fools.” My mistake. However, change is the modern and more relevant mantra. The global warming cabal even had to alter the name of their signature message to Climate Change. Undoubtedly, this is because we […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I haven’t read anything about Shirley McClain and her New Age spirituality, lately. Perhaps she’s just meditating in her advanced years. Her comments about Jews, Christians and Stephen Hawking in 2015 apparently provoked enough criticism to silence her rants about karma and the Holocaust, UFOs and the reason Hawking was afflicted […]

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