Corndogs & Such

By Dr. Jim Ferguson We were hungry as we rolled into our neighborhood Krystal restaurant.  Becky, the Boy and I needed a pit stop to refuel from a morning of errands which included a trip to the dump.  The lives of Grandparents seem to revolve around activities with Oakley before and after his nap-time.  And […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson It’s difficult not to be discouraged these days.  I sometimes wonder if the uninformed are happier.  However, how can anyone not be aware of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) savages or call them anything else?  After all, they murder and rape children, torture and crucify their prisoners, behead […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve often wondered if someday I’ll run out of things to write or say.  After all there are only so many body parts to explain, places to go or stories in one’s brain. I find my interests have shifted rather than changed over the years.  History interests me more now than […]

It’s Complicated

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Sometimes life seems complicated.  There is even a movie with a similar name.  My concierge medical practice seems complicated at times.  Even though I take care of far fewer patients than I used to, those I look after these days, get far more attention, and my day often fills with their […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson In these dark and cold days of winter it’s hard to see the days becoming longer even though the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year – is behind us. The Solstice was celebrated in ancient cultures for heralding a “return of the sun” and increasing sunlight hours.  Perhaps […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Through some curious twist of fate the magazine Southern Living comes to our home addressed to me.  To the best of my knowledge my only subscriptions are dry as toast medical journals.  Though I’m proud to call myself a southerner, I’ve never leafed through the magazine of Southern Living.  You could […]

The New Look

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Winter’s cold has finally come and I needed my heavy coat. I expected to find it pushed to the back of our closet by other season’s garb. I never expected to find, instead, the coat of a bygone era. The white hospital lab coat now relegated to the back of the […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Our minister said what many of us are feeling: “We need Christmas,” because what a year it has been.  I can’t fully understand the Depression, WW II or similar events from history because they are not experiential for me.  However, I’ve now lived six decades and I have paid close attention […]

Life Lessons

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Christmas came early for me this year, though I’m not sure why.  Some years I wait and wait and wonder if I’ll ever get the Christmas spirit.  But, it eventually comes, though sometimes prompted by the Christmas movies Becky and I love and watch each year. I’ve mentioned that I used […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As a grandfather and a writer I know words are important.  My grandson’s use of words is increasing rapidly, and he now expresses his desires in sentences instead of a baby’s cry.  And when I write for the Focus my readers and I share a common language and understanding.  My father-in-law […]

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