Our River

By Dr. Jim Ferguson You know it’s time for a vacation when everything you read and hear sours your soul. I turned off the television “news” months ago, but the rants of the utterly despicable Dianne Feinstein and Democrats are everywhere, returning to their playbook of “Borking” and Clarence Thomas “high tech lynching” as they […]

Learning Philosophies

By Dr. Jim Ferguson   Words have meaning, and are the only way to express thoughts in an essay which affords no additional communication from body language. Anthropologists hold that the development of language was a great leap forward for mankind. And since we don’t read each other’s thoughts -thankfully- language is the human vehicle […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson My mother often referred to my father as an “interesting man,” whose projects challenged our whole family. I remember when we raised quail in the basement for training hunting dogs. My job was to daily rotate each egg in the incubator a quarter turn, somewhat like a sommelier rotates fine bottles […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The old saw goes, “A writer’s life is his capital.” In other words, we write about our experiences and from our memories. Apparently, Stephen King and I share something; it’s just that the reflections from his memories are so scary. I find it odd that after ten years of weekly columns […]

The Journey

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Sometimes I wonder how I came to be where I am. Ever the pragmatist, my wife Becky says, “Well, you have to be somewhere.” I guess that’s true on this “mortal coil.” But more importantly, I’m where I’m supposed to be. Many of my friends are now traveling the world. Some […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson All doctors, and I think most professionals, are required to participate in continuing education to stay up to date and to maintain their licenses. Last week, I attended an educational course on the opioid crisis as part of my continuing medical education (CME) requirements for the year. Although pain management and […]

Purposeful Reflections

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Another week and another story/essay. I often ask myself if there is an end to this journey. And as I sit down and begin this reflection, I wonder if it will be worthy of my time or your interest. And is either consideration a valid purpose? Though I start my weekly […]

Generic Language

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Words are important. Aside from body language, they are the tools we use to communicate and express ourselves. Thankfully, we don’t read each other’s thoughts. Language is a living thing and changes with time and need. As an example, thirty years ago a mouse was a rodent scurrying under the sink. […]

Continent or not

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Old shoes, old dogs and an older, but lovely, wife are blessings. I’m glad I don’t need to make a fashion statement and can focus on function more than form in the shoes that I wear. I do appreciate the discomfort that women sometimes endure in their quest of the perfectly […]

Facades and Euphemisms

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Apparently, Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker would prefer President Trump insult Putin in front of the whole world at a press conference rather than exercising civility. You realize no president has ever insulted another leader publicly face to face. The leader of the Russian Federation is a small man, but is a […]

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