Publisher’s Position: Appointed Superintendent Playing Politics

Publisher’s Position: Appointed Superintendent Playing Politics

By Steve Hunley An appointed School Superintendent has a constituency of exactly five, a majority of the nine member Board of Education.  So long as the superintendent can keep five members of the Board happy, he can hang on to the best paying job in local government. In fact, McIntyre makes more than the vice-president […]

Publisher’s Position: McIntyre’s Minions

By Steve Hunley Minion: someone obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss   Superintendent James McIntyre is appointed by the Knox County Board of Education.  While the superintendent is tasked with making the daily decisions of running the school system, the Board has the responsibility for managing the superintendent.  Under the reign of […]

Publisher’s Position: Superintendent Angling For Defacto Tax Hike

By Steve Hunley All of a sudden, School Superintendent Jim McIntyre is interested in giving the teachers a pay raise.  During his almost six years as superintendent, McIntyre hasn’t shown much concern or interest in educators, but recently he’s come under fire from unhappy teachers and the proposed pay raise is supposed to show teachers […]

Publisher’s Position: Gypped Again

Publisher’s Position: Gypped Again

By Steve Hunley Just when you think there’s nothing more the government can do to bounce against the ceiling of stupidity something always comes along to reassure you. A lot of folks have been outraged by the Board of Education having spent around $1.2 million for a study to show them where there is waste […]

Publisher’s Position: State of the Schools Address Is More of the Same

By Steve Hunley Anyone expecting anything new in Superintendent of Schools Jim McIntyre’s annual State of the Schools address had to be terribly disappointed.  Recently, there has been an attempt to make McIntyre more human; the fact a public official who has been here six years needs to be humanized should be quite telling.  McIntyre […]

Gov. Haslam’s ‘Tennessee Promise’ Deserves Legislature’s Support

By Steve Hunley Governor Bill Haslam unveiled his “Tennessee Promise” plan in his State of the State address. Evidently, the governor had not previously shared his plan with the members of the General Assembly, as one could hear an audible gasp from the audience. That particular reaction is easy to understand, as the governor’s plan […]