By Ralphine Major I do not remember why we named her Bonnie, but the name seemed to fit.  Someone gave her to us.  I am not sure why they did not want to keep her.  She was a pretty little beagle, and she was always happy.  Our father liked beagles, and our family fell in […]

Super Subs: Steve Wilson

By Ralphine Major For a small, rural Knox County school, Bob Dagley’s roster for the 1964-65 Gibbs Eagles’ basketball team was loaded with talent.  While the starters may have led the way for the Eagles, Dagley is quick to praise the efforts of those super subs who could step in at crucial times when the […]

Super Subs: Charlie Ballard

By Ralphine Major Several of the players who helped Bob Dagley’s Gibbs Eagles achieve a 31-2 record in 1964-65 played a major role in several games when called upon, though their time to excel actually came the following year.  One of those players is Charlie Ballard. Charlie was one of the juniors on the team.  […]

Super Subs IV: Mike Graves

By Ralphine Major Mike Graves, who played on Robert Dagley’s ‘64-65 Gibbs basketball team, graduated from Lincoln Memorial University with a degree in Education.  He has worked at Performance Food Group for the last 20 years.  His wife, Karen, worked in retail at J. C. Penney as a Furniture Specialist, as a merchandiser for Playtex, […]

Super Subs III: Mike Graves

By Ralphine Major   “He cared a lot about his players individually, and he cared a lot about his team,” Mike Graves said in describing his former coach, Bob Dagley.  Ron, Mike’s brother, started for the Eagles during the ‘64-65 season.  Mike was one of the talented players Dagley called on to substitute when certain […]

Super Subs II: Mike Graves

By Ralphine Major It must have been special to have a family member on Bob Dagley’s ‘64-65 basketball team.  Surely, it was extra-special for the Clay Graves family:  they had two!  Brothers Ron, a senior starter, and Mike, a junior, were part of the 11-member squad.  Recently, the brothers recalled some moments from their basketball […]

Super Subs: Mike Graves

By Ralphine Major Another member of the 1964-65 Gibbs basketball team that played a big part in the success of the team is Mike Graves.  Focus readers may remember reading about Mike earlier in this series.  Mike’s brother, Ron Graves, was a senior starter for the ‘64-65 Eagles.  Last year, the brothers appeared in […]

Super Subs: Lynn Miller

By Ralphine Major “We have already recognized the six seniors who started for Gibbs in 1964-65,” former Eagles Coach Bob Dagley said. “Now, I would like to tell you about five other members of that team who played a big part in the success of the team.” First was Lynn Miller, another senior. “Lynn saw […]

Lovely Lois Part III

By Ralphine Major I did not know the man who approached us outside the IGA grocery store, but my brother recognized him from their high school days.  Tim, one of four Zachary sons, told how he had come by our house to see if I would be interested in writing about his mother, Lois.  Hers […]

Lovely Lois (Part II)

By Ralphine Major It was an East Tennessee beauty whose photo was chosen as the winner. The Tennessee connection came when young Lois Wood entered a contest and won. The winner’s photo would be painted on a plane. Appropriately enough, the plane was named “Lovely Lois.” When the group of sailors notified Lois that she […]

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