Nature’s Residence

By Ralphine Major Koalas and kangaroos, the two animals I think of at the mention of Australia. In recent weeks, images in the news have been heart-wrenching. Baby kangaroos that have been left motherless, and koalas with burned paws searching for shelter and water. Millions of wildlife animals have perished in the land down under. […]

Time is Marching On

By Ralphine Major During the sixties, seventies, eighties, and even the nineties, 2020 seemed so far on the horizon.  Two thousand twenty and the start of a new decade.  Unbelievable! Changing to a new calendar gave pause to take another look back at 2019.  It was a year marked by the loss of so many […]

The Everlasting Gift

By Ralphine Major The day has come and gone. Finally! The long-awaited holiday prompting months of preparation is finally over. Gifts have been unwrapped. Decorated trees have been taken down. Nativity scenes with a baby in a manger have been packed away for another year. Christmas is over. Really? This year, the Sunday School classes, […]

The One and Only Reagan

By Ralphine Major We went to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with ornaments representing 68 countries at the home of Carolyn Jensen.  While there, we fell in love with a little dog named after America’s 40th President!  I was fascinated with the furry little bundle that checked us out upon our arrival and then […]

Christmas Around the World!

By Ralphine Major A rose from Spain.  A koala bear from Australia. Venetian glass from Venice. From Puerto Rico, a butterfly—the symbol of new life. Ornaments from Japan, Prague, China, and the list goes on. The magnificent ten-foot Christmas tree is the focal point upon entering the home of Carolyn Jensen. It is adorned with […]

The Quietness of Christmas

By Ralphine Major The timing was perfect!  Last Tuesday marked the two-week countdown to Christmas Eve, and  Mother Nature gave us a winter wonderland to enjoy.  It was truly a Christmas card scene! As I check the calendar, it is unbelievable how quickly the days are passing us by.  Christmas traditions are in full swing:  […]

Merry Christmas from the Farm!

By Ralphine Major Gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate, Christmas carols and candy canes, peppermint sticks and poinsettias!  It must be Christmas——-almost! Growing up, my brother and I spent most Christmas mornings on the farm.  Our father was a dairy farmer, and the cows had to be fed and milked every morning and evening including […]

A Glimpse of Heaven

By Ralphine Major At first glance, there seemed to be a divine aura about it.  The country road looked like it was  leading straight up into the heavens.  The mountains, barely visible above the fog, added to the unusual setting.  I looked at it for several minutes as I tried to grasp the photo’s beauty […]

Special Day Ushers in Early Snow!

By Ralphine Major “Thank you for your service,” I said to the older gentleman sitting behind us at the restaurant. He was wearing a veterans’ cap. It was Monday, November 11, 2019, Veterans’ Day. The veteran was visiting from a neighboring county. He engaged in conversation about the geographic region, the Tennessee VOLS, and Veterans’ […]

Looking for Fall

By Ralphine Major   Growing up, it seemed butterflies were in abundance on our dairy farm.  They could be spotted in the garden, around flowering bushes, or even on the grass.  Now, it seems, I seldom see one fluttering around anywhere. As I have been looking for fall lately, the cooler morning temperatures and […]