Georgia and Johnny Johnson Celebrate 50 Golden Years!

By Ralphine Major One look at the anniversary invitation unlocked a treasure-trove of memories, taking me back to the time our father’s youngest sister was married. Georgia Major and Johnny Johnson met at C. M. McClung & Company where they both worked.  On April 3, 1965, they were married at Fairview Baptist Church in Corryton.  […]

Nothing but Net!

By Ralphine Major It was a good while back that she handed me a big brown envelope. I did not realize at first, but it was full of gems from half a century ago—black and white photographs. I saw Judy and Les Spitzer recently at Georgia Wright’s 91st birthday celebration. Les’s mother, Faye, was a […]

Celebrating Life the Wright Way

By Ralphine Major Walking up the sidewalk to the back door of the house was like stepping into the pages of a farm life magazine.  It was a walk our father had made many times.  So often, he gave the same answer when mother asked where he had been.  “Bill and Georgia’s,” he would say […]

‘Blackbird Fly’

By Ralphine Major She already fills many roles in her daily life—Christian, wife, mother of two, and hairdresser.  Now, she has added a new title after her name:  published author. Kat Chandler was born in Austin, Texas.  Her family moved to East Tennessee when she was five years old, and she grew up in Knoxville.  […]

Super Subs: Gene Cantley (Part II)

By Ralphine Major Gene Allen Cantley, the only sophomore on Bob Dagley’s 1965 Gibbs Eagles’ team, served in the United States Army, E-5, and was stationed in Germany.  It was in Frankfurt, Germany, that his first child was born.  Jason Allen Cantley was born with a dual citizenship in Germany and the United States.  Little […]

Super Subs: Gene Cantley

By Ralphine Major He was the only sophomore on the team.  Gene Cantley played guard for Head Coach Bob  Dagley’s 1964-65 Gibbs Eagles when he was called on as the team marched toward their 31-2 record. Dagley remembers the player who wore No. 12.  “He was able to handle the ball well and set the […]


By Ralphine Major As their two-week old baby was wheeled away to surgery, his parents pondered all that had happened.  In a span of thirty minutes, Rachael and Drew Cope were told that their baby had a blockage, he was being prepped for surgery, and the results of the genetic testing showed he had a […]

Rachael and Drew’s Special Gift

By Ralphine Major Over the phone, her voice was calm and she sounded well-spoken.  As we talked, I could tell she was wise beyond her years.  In person, Rachael was all of that and more.  So was Drew.  It was a bitter cold February day when I met the couple, but being in their presence […]

A Special Team

By Ralphine Major It will soon be coming to a close. My long-running series on the 1965 Gibbs Eagles’ basketball team has gone on much longer than I had planned. Only a handful of feature stories remain to be written about the team and former Eagles’ Coach, Bob Dagley. I once looked at the team […]

The Amazing Hen House

By Ralphine Major It felt like I was stepping back in time as I walked inside.  In a way, I was.  I had only seen Becky once since our high school days in band.  Two and a half years ago, I saw her at the Wrights’ 70th Anniversary (Focus 9-4-12).  She had made cupcakes decorated […]

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