Remembering our Veterans this Memorial Day

By Ralphine Major The holiday marks a time to honor those who have died serving their country.  A brief look back reminds us of veterans we have lost, though none of them died in service.  Still, we recognize their service on Memorial Day.  Unlike their fallen comrades, they came home, held jobs, and raised families. […]

Sheree’s Mother

By Ralphine Major She does not live in our community anymore, but I see her more often than some who do.  Labor Day Weekend, I saw her at the neighborhood IGA grocery store.  I know she recycles, because I saw her last summer at the solid waste center.  Just last month, I saw her at […]

May: A Time for Celebrating our Mothers

Like the beautiful Iris, they stand tall and proud.  They are our mothers. They care for their children and families, offer encouragement and praise, and often read stories to a child sitting on their lap.  They prepare a child’s favorite dish, bake a birthday cake, or make an award-winning banana pudding. They pick up their […]

The Sixth Starter (Part III)

By Ralphine Major Butler has been a prominent name in the Gibbs Community for many years.  Their name was associated with a landmark of the community. The sixth starter’s father, Bill Butler, owned a neighborhood grocery store at the corner of Tazewell Pike and Barker Road.  Beside it was Leroy Hutchison’s barber shop.  It was […]

‘A God-called leader must learn before he can lead’ (Part 3)

By Ralphine Major The Memphis native who is an avid Elvis fan, once wore long hair, and still plays the guitar does not seem like a description of someone who has authored a Bible-based book. But, he has—though the long hair is gone. Mike Boyd, once a rising, young businessman never set out to become […]

‘A God-called leader must learn before he can lead’

By Ralphine Major “Take time to pray; study and meditate; crave the things of God.” This is one of the key concepts in Dr. Mike Boyd’s book, “Principles of Preaching, A Guidebook on Biblical Communication.” While intended to “assist teachers and preachers in understanding and confirming God’s calls on their lives,” it is easy for […]

‘A God-called leader must learn before he can lead’

By Ralphine Major It is designed to “move the truths of God’s word from the Heart of Heaven to the hearts of humans.”  Mike Boyd’s “Principles of Preaching” was written primarily for those training to become pastors.  But, it is a handy resource for teachers, as well.  Even those of us not engaged in teaching […]

The Sixth Starter (Part II)

By Ralphine Major The coach often held No. 10 in reserve and called on him and his swift ball-handling skills to bail the Eagles out of trouble against the press.  Not only did he call on him to do that, but he also called on No. 10 when the Eagles had to press full court.  […]

The Sixth Starter

By Ralphine Major “Before someone says, ‘you can’t have six starters in basketball,’ I want to emphasize that you can have as many starters as you want to,” Bob Dagley said. “But, only five can play at the same time.” Dagley is the former coach of the Gibbs Eagles. The player he is referring to […]

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