Springtime Clouds

By Ralphine Major Winter’s wrath has left cruel reminders across America.  Images of historic flooding can still be seen weeks after the rains first started coming.  Homes and businesses have been destroyed.  Loved ones have perished.  Entire communities have been wiped off the earth.  It will take years for those who have been impacted to […]

Good Luck, VOLS!

By Ralphine Major “They’re fun to watch!”  That is the comment I have heard so often in recent weeks referring to The University of Tennessee men’s basketball team.  I agree.  The chemistry of this team on the court is amazing.  It brings back memories of the “Ernie and Bernie Show” during the seventies.  Ernie Grunfeld […]

Is this America?

By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”  Jeremiah 1:5 (NAS) For several weeks, the news has rocked our nation.  As I have listened to doctors, lawyers, politicians, ministers, and abortion survivors, I am saddened and shocked that our great nation has reached this point in our history.  Killing […]

Jeff Stevens, Pastor to Children

By Ralphine Major He is all things KIDS!  Jeff Stevens is the Pastor to Children and Families at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Last year, the Knoxville native celebrated his ten-year anniversary in this position at the church.  Interestingly enough, Jeff attended Wallace when he was a youth.  Now, he is leading the […]

Emerson Lee Mynatt

By Ralphine Major As seniors, they sat across from each other in a classroom at Halls High School. The year was 1951. His name was Emerson Mynatt; hers, Juanita Torbett. Emerson introduced the girl to his older cousin, Ralph Omer Major. The cousin and the girl married and became our parents. Emerson married Cecil Welch, […]

February Snows

February Snows

By Ralphine Major Do not be deceived!  While temperatures climb into the 70s, we are still in the middle of February.  The shortest month is often referred to as the third month of the winter season.  Last week’s snow was somewhat of a tease.  Though it was slick and messy, the white stuff vanished by […]

Groundhog Day!

By Ralphine Major It is the day set aside to gauge the coming of spring.  February 2 is the long-awaited day marked as “Groundhog Day” on most calendars.   Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the star woodchuck on February 2.  It is a special event as the nation waits for the groundhog to emerge from […]

A great day in Tennessee!

  By Ralphine Major Weather aside, Tennessee was on track for a great day on January 19, 2019.  Tennessee’s National Guard Band belted out the tune to Rocky Top.  The three stars always seen on the Tennessee flag  were positioned in their proper places so they would represent the West, Middle, and East Tennessee regions […]

Emeritus Missionaries Remember Christmas in Spain

By Ralphine Major They met in Michigan, though both couples were from Tennessee. Missionaries Howard and Joyce Nighbert Clark were on their first stateside assignment in 1986. The Clarks shared their need to have someone pastor their church when they took their next stateside assignment in December 1988. Long-time Wallace Memorial Baptist Church Pastor Jim […]

Fond Memories

  By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com It is my earliest memory of a hospital. St. Mary’s, the hospital on a hill, was always the closest to people in the northeast part of Knox and surrounding counties. My brother and I were born at St. Mary’s and have pictures of us with the Sisters of Mercy. As […]