Beloved Country Doctor, part 5 Healing Hands

By Ralphine Major Most people knew him as “the doctor.” But outside of work, Dr. A.D. Simmons was a husband and father. Sylvia Simmons Babelay is the oldest of the four Simmons children and shares fascinating memories about A. D. Simmons, the father. “I always remember Dad working hard to be a good father, so […]

Home for Thanksgiving

  By Ralphine Major We named them Caesar and Cleo. The playful pups would often take a running leap and jump into the pond. While they had the markings of a black Doberman pinscher, they were not registered. Caesar was given to a friend who lost his Doberman. Cleo stayed with us. It mattered not […]

Being Thankful Every Day

  By Ralphine Major We live in America. We have so much to be thankful for as the long-awaited Thanksgiving holiday approaches once again. Too often, it is easy to take for granted the privileges we enjoy and even those we hold most dear. It is so important for our nation and her people […]

Beloved Country Doctor, Part 4

By Ralphine Major A journey that began in rural East Tennessee led the aspiring doctor far from his Grainger County home. It was during the early 1930s when Alvis David Simmons enrolled at The University of Tennessee Medical School in Memphis. While there, Simmons often rode in an ambulance up and down the famous Beale […]

Beloved Country Doctor, Part 3

By Ralphine Major “When he was at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), he was able to run track.  He ran so fast, he was nicknamed Phantom,” Rada said.  She was referring to her father, the late Dr. A. D. Simmons, who would eventually become the only medical doctor in the Corryton Community. “He worked every day […]

Beloved Country Doctor, Part 2

By Ralphine Major He was the only doctor in our rural community; he was kind; and he was Rada’s dad. Rada was my childhood friend from first grade through high school. The country doctor’s qualifications were sufficient for me. Now, it is truly fascinating to learn from Rada and her siblings about the challenges and […]

Beloved Country Doctor

By Ralphine Major It was on a Sunday morning at church when she became sick.  It had been a difficult pregnancy.  The young couple left church and headed up the highway to the doctor’s home. The year was 1954, and Dr. A. D. Simmons was a young, country doctor.  The Grainger County native had a […]

The ‘Wright’ Connection

By Ralphine Major “I’ll be glad when Christmas is over;” he said.  His words were followed by his familiar smile.  A soft chuckle hovered over the congregation, many obviously identifying with his words.  He continued.  “Do you realize how that sounds for a Christian to say that they will be glad when Christmas is over?”  […]

Fall is here!

  By Ralphine Major Summer days seem to have disappeared so quickly, I scarcely saw Fall’s arrival! But once again, Fall is here with all of her beauty and busy days. Fall paints our landscapes with bluer skies and fluffier clouds, colorful leaves, and huge harvest moons. Fall brings those wonderful aromas of hot apple […]

Cardiac Rehab

By Ralphine Major We first met them only days after our mother’s heart attack.  The place was St. Mary’s Cardiac Rehab East Towne location.  It was the next step in the recovery process as heart attack patients were guided through exercise routines and equipment to strengthen their bodies.  A nutritionist held classes explaining diet and […]