Runners get ready!

Corryton 8-Miler and 2-Miler Races Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 8 a.m. Corryton Community and Senior Center, 9331 Davis Road, Corryton, TN 37721 By Ralhine Major The races are just days away!  Hosted by the Corryton Community and Senior Center and Corryton Running Club, the Fourth Annual 8-Miler Race and Third Annual 2-Miler Race in […]

Welcome home, Chase!

  By Ralphine Major He has a strong passion for mountain biking.  But the bike trail is not where I saw Chase Campbell recently.  It was in the sanctuary of Wallace Memorial Baptist Church.  The mountain biker is also a minister, and he has come home. Chase Campbell, a Powell native, grew up at Wallace […]

It’s Fair Time!

By Ralphine Major Summer is winding down, and fall is getting ready to take her rightful place.  The signs are all around.  Leaves are turning, Rocky Top is ringing in the air, and squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter.  Another sure sign of the changing seasons is the arrival of the Tennessee Valley Fair! […]

Neva Gibbs Cardwell

By Ralphine Major For decades, she was the beloved first-grade teacher at Gibbs Elementary School.  I was in her class during the 1960-61 school year.  She even taught our father’s first-grade class years earlier.  As a first grader, I was too young to realize her ties to the Gibbs Community.  Neva Gibbs Cardwell taught first […]

It’s still summer!

By Ralphine Major The beautiful bloom became my new favorite flower many years ago.  Several floral arrangements sent when our father passed away 24 years ago this week featured the giant sunflower.  For a long time after then, I was attracted to anything sunflower.  Jewelry, mugs, sweatshirts, wall art, or anything bearing a picture of […]

“I saw three men” Part Four

By Ralphine Major “Yes,” Don Hughes answered, confirming that he was the one who stopped to help Barbara and Mike Cruze on the interstate.  Larry Stinnett was with him.  As the two men ran to the pickup truck to begin praying over Mike, their wives (Ginny Stinnett and Karen Hughes) stayed behind in the car […]

I Saw Three Men, Part 3

By Ralphine Major Mike Cruze was in The University of Tennessee Medical Center 23 days. For 21 of those days, the Master Gardener was unconscious and on a ventilator. Doctors told Barbara that Mike should be dead. He had suffered two types of aortic dissection (a tear in the aorta—the artery leading from the heart). […]

‘I Saw Three Men…’ II

By Ralphine Major “When I spotted the wreck on the interstate, I hit my brakes and backed up as close as possible to the truck—still about 30 yards away. Larry and I both jumped out and ran to the wreck. The truck was tilted on its side with the driver’s side closer to the ground […]

‘I Saw Three Men…’

By Ralphine Major It was the evening of October 11, 2011.  Fountain City residents Mike and Barbara Cruze were traveling on Interstate 640.  Their destination—a cabin in the mountains.  Focus readers may be familiar with Mike Cruze, Master Gardener, from his monthly column in the paper.  Mike, a landscaper, provides insightful articles on lawns, weeds, […]


By Ralphine Major It was a popular song of the fifties—“The Lollipop Tree.”  Its melody and simple lyrics caught the attention of this writer.  I was around two years old.  “Lollipop” seemed the perfect name for the pup given to us by relatives.  The small rat terrier, white with a few black spots and […]

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