Receiving Compensation as the Victim of a Crime

By Jedidiah McKeehan It is never a good thing to be the victim of a crime.  If you are, then at best you have endured something annoying, and at worst, you have experienced something that results in life-changing trauma, injury or even death. When someone is a victim of a crime, the state of Tennessee […]

Who Pays Me For My Personal Injury Case?

By Jedidiah McKeehan When you are injured in a car wreck, and that car wreck was caused by someone else, it is very possible that you have a claim for damages against the at-fault driver. If you are hurt much at all, it is very likely that your medical expenses will run in to the […]

Can a child sue someone?

By Jed McKeehan Occasionally I will have a family come see me who have been involved in a car wreck and the parents and the children have all received injuries as a result of the wreck.  When this happens each and every single person involved in the car wreck has their own ability to bring […]

Eating that Roadkill You Just Created

By Jedidiah McKeehan So, you are driving down the road to your house, minding your own business, and an animal darts out in front of you. You simply do not have time to swerve and you hit the animal, and unfortunately, you kill it. You may be heart broken, you may feel terrible about it, […]

What is an S-Corp?

By Jedidah McKeehan When I think of different types of business entities that exist, there are a few that come to mind first.  Usually people have heard of an LLC, which is a limited liability company.  Another common type of entity is a corporation.  If an entity is a corporation it may have the name, […]

Can I Get a Different Judge on My Case?

By Jedidiah McKeehan From time to time I will have someone come and consult with me on a case after they have already been in front of the judge a time or two, and they will ask if they can get a new judge on their case because they feel like the judge has it […]

Are public defendants that bad?

By Jedidiah McKeehan In TV shows and movies involving lawyers, the main character may get involved in a case in which someone needs a lawyer and they are currently represented by a public defender. The main character may meet up with the public defender to discuss the case and the public defender is portrayed as […]

What is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

  By Jedidiah McKeehan A fairly common legal term that you may have heard of is a, “pre-nuptial agreement,” or the shortened version of that term, “pre-nup.”  But what actually is a pre-nuptial agreement and what is contained in that agreement? First, let’s break down the term, “nuptials.”  It is not an often used phrase, […]

What is Loss of Consortium?

By Jedidiah McKeehan A term that is heard in the world of personal injury law, that will occasionally draw a snicker, is the term, “loss of consortium.” Let’s dive in to what this term means.  First, the word, “consortium,” means companionship with one’s spouse.  How does that fit in to a personal injury case though? […]

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