What Are Some Reasons That Someone’s Probation Gets Violated?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Probation is a type of alternative sentencing that is used to sentence the vast majority of individuals who are convicted of committing crimes. For example, someone who commits a DUI (driving under the influence), someone who pleads guilty will be sentenced to serve 11 months and 29 days in jail.  The person […]

Land surveyors are allowed to trespass

By Jedidiah McKeehan All of us know someone who is completely obsessed with keeping people off of their property.  They do not want anyone under any circumstances coming on their property for any reason or under any circumstances.  And usually that’s okay.  If property owners do not want people to come on their property, then […]

What Can I Do To Avoid Probate?

By Jedidiah McKeehan A legal term that many people have heard of is the term, “probate.”  Probate is the process whereby a will of someone who has passed is filed with the court and the court oversees the process of making sure that all of the instructions in someone’s will are followed.  The process of […]

Debt Collection Against a Divorced Couple

By Jedidiah McKeehan When individuals get divorced there almost always debts that must be split up between the parties.  Car loans, mortgage payments, and credit card bills are all debts that are accrued during marriages that someone must pay for after two people are divorced. When people are divorced, often times they will agree to […]

What Are Court Costs?

By Jedidiah McKeehan In every single kind of court case, both civil and criminal, there is typically a cost to you just to be involved in the case.  That cost is what is commonly referred to as the court costs.  What are court costs?  Court costs are what the court system charges people on various […]

What Tennessee Law Actually Says About Acting in Self-Defense

By Jed McKeehan We have all heard that we can act in self-defense when someone is trying to hurt us but what does Tennessee law actually says we are allowed to do that?  There are actually three very short statutes that spell out what you can do when acting in self-defense. Tennessee Code Annotated section […]

Why Do Bankers Get So Many Holidays?

By Jedidiah McKeehan If you ever hear people complain about other job professions that have great hours or get a lot of holidays, one of the jobs that comes up the most is bankers. Why do bankers get so many holidays anyway?  Well Tennessee Code Annotated section 15-1-101 through 15-1-104 lays out the specific days […]

What does a city judge do?

By Jed McKeehan If you get involved in a legal proceeding your case will be set to be heard by some type of judge.  Your case could be before a small claims (general sessions) judge, a circuit judge, a chancellor, a criminal judge, a federal judge, an appellate judge, a special master, or it could […]

Is Legal Separation an Actual Thing?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Unfortunately, a phrase that we hear all too often in this day and age is that a married couple is, “separated.”  And you may have thought to yourself, “did they go to the courthouse and get some designation, or is this just what it is informally called when a married couple is […]

What Is Subrogation?

  By Jedidiah McKeehan So, the word “subrogation” is probably a word that you have heard at some point in your life, but you may not be exactly sure what it means.  What does it mean, anyway? In the legal context, the word subrogation most often comes in to play in personal injury lawsuits.  For […]