Different Types of Judges, I

By Jedidiah McKeehan When we think about appearing or going to court in the US, and specifically in Tennessee, we typically think about appearing before a judge. However, there are a wide range of actual titles given to the individuals who may be deciding your case. Even though that person may not be officially called […]

What is a Register of Deeds?

By Jedidah McKeehan One of the weird terms we have in the legal field is the term, “Register of Deeds.”  What in the world does this term mean that gets thrown around so regularly? The Register of Deeds is an elected county position.  Quite literally, it means that the elected official is the person who […]

Can We Cancel Our Divorce Case?

By Jedidiah McKeehan When someone files for divorce, it is not a guarantee that their case will end in them getting divorced.  There is at least some chance that the parties will end up working out their differences and staying married to each other. If I am representing someone in a divorce and they tell […]

How Do I Win My Slip and Fall Case?

By Jedidah McKeehan When individuals come to me and want me to represent them on their personal injury case, they are typically talking about one of two types of cases, a car wreck or a slip and fall case. While most attorneys are willing to represent someone on a car wreck case, attorneys are much […]

How Do You Get Out of Paying Child Support?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Excuse the crassness and brutal honesty of the question, but one question I get asked often is, “How do I get out of paying child support?” Well, it’s not as easy as you would think.  So, let’s take the prototypical example.  A couple is married, they have a child, and then they […]

Job titles in a law firm

By Jedidiah McKeehan As my wife often tells me, lawyers use funny words and phrases that are unnecessary, just to make themselves seem important.  Well, sometimes I agree with her.  Even some of the job titles we give out for those people working at a law firm can be a little strange.  Let’s go through […]

What Happens When a Contract is Unclear?

By Jedidah McKeehan Lots of what attorneys do involves drafting, interpreting, and arguing over provisions in contracts.  Attorneys get a bad rap in this area of the law because people feel that once attorneys become involved contracts become overly complicated and complex and they turn from one page documents to fifteen page documents. I cannot […]

Serving Someone With a Lawsuit Through the Newspaper

By Jedidiah McKeehan Sometimes someone will come to me very upset and tell me they want to get divorced but they have not seen their spouse in years and years and they do not know how to serve them with divorce paperwork. Some of these people believe there is no way for them to get […]

What is parole?

By Jedidiah McKeehan You may be watching the news, or reading an article online about a high-profile criminal case and the criminal defendant is found guilty and sentenced to a long prison sentence. What the articles and stories usually do not discuss is how much of that sentence the defendant will actually have to spend […]