What Are the Laws Regarding Breastfeeding in Tennessee?

By Jedidiah McKeehan When a mom is breastfeeding their child in public, that act is generally considered socially acceptable in this day and age.  It may not be that commonplace, and it may seem a little unusual, but it is legal.  In fact, there are a few laws in Tennessee that specifically speak as to […]

Will I Have To Pay Alimony?

By Jedidiah McKeehan When I am discussing someone’s divorce case with them, one of the questions that often comes up is, “Am I going to have to pay them alimony?” Alimony, or spousal support, are payments from one spouse to another after they are divorced to allow the economically disadvantaged spouse to maintain the standard […]

What is Guardian ad Litem?

By Jedidih McKeehan A term that you may or may not have heard of is the legal term, “guardian ad litem.”  Often times, the term gets shortened to, “GAL.”  What does this term mean?  A guardian ad litem is a person who is appointed by the court to investigate and inform the court of what […]

Character Witnesses

By Jedidiah McKeehan Occasionally when I meet with clients and we are discussing our upcoming trial, I will run through with them who we want to call as witnesses at trial.  When they mention someone, I will ask them, “What are they going to testify about?”  Sometimes they will say, “Well, they are going to […]

What is ‘Medical Payments Insurance Coverage?’

By Jedidiah McKeehan Medical payments insurance coverage, or “Med Pay” is something that you may have never heard of, but it is an important part of most car insurance policies. So what is med pay coverage? Med pay coverage is coverage that will pay for medical costs related to an auto accident regardless of who […]

What Does It Mean to Continue a Case

By Jedidiah McKeehan I would be lying if I told you that the legal system is fast moving system.  Although some cases can get resolved in a matter of weeks, it can often take months, if not years, for a case to go from beginning to end. Although, there are many factors that play in […]

What is a Failure to Appear?

By Jedidah McKeehan Every day, in almost every county, in every state, in the United States, a criminal defendant is not present for their scheduled court date to address their pending criminal charge(s). Maybe the defendant simply forgot that they had court that day, maybe they got sick and are in the hospital, or maybe […]

Tips on Completing the Paternity Form at the Hospital

By Jedidah McKeehan As a father of two young children, I still remember my time at the hospital surrounding their births. Lots of excitement and happiness, but there was also quite a bit of forms and paperwork to complete. One form I remember filling out with my wife was the paternity form which stated who […]

Where Can You Find a Notary?

By Jed McKeehan From time to time I will draft documents for individuals that they will take with them and they will need to go get someone else’s signature on those documents for the documents to be fully executed. Or I might email documents to be printed off, signed, and returned to me. In addition […]