Put Your Problem In God’s Hands

By Rosie Moore Although it sometime seems to us Our prayers have not been heard, God always knows our every need Without a single word….And He will not forsake us Even though the way seems steep, For always He is near to us,  tender watch to keep…. And in good time He’ll answer us And […]

Do you ever have an “OH” day?

By Rosie Moore I’m sure most of us have had an “oh” day. What is it? It’s something that you can’t comprehend but you’re glad it happened. An “oh” moment can happen when you see a newborn baby in it mother’s arms. Or when something marvelous happens and your mouth creates an “O”–from surprise, or […]

A wedding in the mountains

By Rosie Moore Roan State Park is in a beautiful, lush mountain area in Carter County, near the little town of Elizabethton, Tennessee. The hills are symmetrically dotted by spruce-fir trees that bedazzle one’s eyes and later become Christmas trees. Also, there are many other varieties of trees. Among this acreage are beautiful rustic cabins […]


By Rosie Moore Mother’s Day is over but it behooves the sons and daughters to remember to love, honor, and respect our mothers every day of the year. Mother and Daughter banquets were held in churches across the country a few days before Mother’s Day. Halls Crossroads Presbyterian Church, which I attend, had “Western Roundup” […]

The Indomitable Woman

By Rosie Moore It is a well-known fact that women have been protesting and marching since time began. Think of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer crusader for women’s voting rights; Harriett Tubman, a former slave who escaped then made 13 missions to rescue other enslaved people, and, finally, Rosa Parks, who said,”I’m not moving” from […]

Not a likely subject

By Rosie Moore I am not going to write a lot of thoughts in this article, because the subject is so hard to fathom, so uneasy to think about, and, mostly, a subject that one does not want to think about. But, there it is,  facing us as we live from day to day. In […]

I want to know

By Rosie Moore Why a bird can fly but I can’t? What is in a little pill that makes my body react? How can my grandson talk to me on my cell phone from Scotland? Why do bodies become allergic to certain properties in the air and on the ground? Why do good people die […]

M. McClung & Company

  By Ralphine Major I knew it as the building where our mother worked.  The first time she worked there was before I was born.  The second time was when she re-entered the work force and became our family’s primary breadwinner after our father developed heart disease and was forced to sell the dairy. M. […]

Kitchen Table Wisdom

By Rosie Moore My title is the name of a book I’m reading now by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD who is one of the earliest pioneers in the mind/body health field, and was one of the first to develop a psychological approach to people with life-threatening illnesses and educate their physicians about their needs. Let […]

February is Heart Month

  By Rosie Moore Valentine’s Day is over and enjoyed by millions of people showing their love for others.  February still remains the “heart” month because of its close connection with that amorous holiday. That heart that we celebrate each year is becoming more and more battered by disease. More and more people are dying […]