The Golden Month of October

By Rosie Moore October is the tenth month of the year in the  Julian and Gregorian calendars and has thirty-one days. It retained its name from the Latin word, octo, meaning eight, after January and February were inserted into the calendar that had been originally created by the Romans. Hallowe’en is at the end of […]

A Trip To Durham

By Rosie Moore In 2013 Durham had a population of 245,475 of which my son and his family are a part of. It is a colorful, creative and entrepreneurial community that continuously earns accolades as one of the best places in the world to live, work, and do business. With nationally acclaimed restaurants, shopping, historical sites, and a […]

Rosie’s World: Autumn

By Rosie Moore Autumn is here. The start of this lovely season entails football games, the gradual turning of  green leaves to brilliant hues, pumpkins, and much desired cooler weather. The smell of freshly mown grass still permeates our noses but it won’t be long until the mowers will be silent. I was very amused […]

This is a puzzling world

By Rosie Moore I love doing crossword puzzles. The  New York Times puzzle in News Sentinel’s Sunday paper is too hard and the other one below it, called the United Features Puzzle, is too easy. The one in the daily newspaper is very easy and always includes the same clues, but I still do it. […]

Leaves of Grass

By Rosie Moore I hear the men outside mowing my lawn. They come here three times a month, one with the mower, and one with a weed-whacker. As I watched the blades of grass tumble to the ground as on a swift journey, I recalled a book I have called, “Selections from Leaves of Grass” […]

What’s the forecast for this winter?

“Poor Richard’s Almanac” will give you a versatile idea on the subject of weather. Started by Benjamin Franklin in 1732, it appeared continuously until 1758. It offered a mixture of seasonal weather forecasts, practical household hints, puzzles and other amusements. Benjamin adopted the pseudonym of “Poor Richard” for this purpose. I thought of the subject […]

Greeting Cards

By Rosie Moore There is a host of greeting cards, the most common commemorating birthdays, get-well greetings,  sympathy, plus almost any kind that you would want to pass on to others. The custom of sending cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese who exchanged messages of good news to celebrate the New Year […]

Do bad things really happen in threes?

By Rosie Moore Where did this belief come from anyway? Some claim that this notion has no scientific basis, especially pertaining to deaths. The tendency to hold on to the three connection is strong in many areas of life. Why? People naturally seek patterns. One example out of many is the deaths of James Garner, […]

A Special Moment in Time

By Ralphine Major The image warms my heart—a toddler interacting with a 96-year-old man.  The WWII veteran’s face almost becomes a silhouette as his hat shields him from the summer sun.  He is showing the little boy how to use the bubble gun machine.  It is a single picture in the life of a […]

Rosie’s World: No tv!

Two days without TV and I survived!! Let me start out by saying I decided to “bundle” up my phone, internet, and TV services. I had my phone and internet with one server and my TV with another server. I learned that it would be cheaper to have all three by one server. But I […]

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