Little Known Facts

By Rosie Moore Did you know: Elephants sleep only two hours a day? Animals that lay eggs don’t have belly buttons. A duck can’t walk without bobbing its head. ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star” was composed by Mozart when he was five years old. Mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas. A bee […]

Food for thought

By Rosie Moore I wonder when the first diet book was written and by whom? Actually, I should have looked that up but I didn’t have the time. I really don’t think there’s a record of either statement because there has to be thousands of books written telling people how to eat, what to eat, […]

Odds and Ends

By Rosie Moore I can tell I’m really “getting up there” when I can’t remember my great-grandchildren’s ages. In a column a few weeks ago, I said one of them became five. I was wrong–he was four. Then I got to thinking where does the phrase “great” before any relative come from? I looked it […]

Moving Day

By Rosie Moore Moving is no fun! What a chore! I cannot enumerate how many times I have moved in my life and I get a jealous feeling when people say, “I have lived in this house all my life”–or thirty, forty, or fifty years. I never could afford to have someone come and pack […]

April Rain

By Rosie Moore The wild sweet rain of April spills On golden-throated daffodils On garden walls and new green bough On earth fresh-turned before the plough. It scrubs the pansy’s small shy face And shines each blade of grass in place to leave the springtime world aglow, And lift my heart to walk tiptoe For […]

I hate DST!

By Rosie Moore No- not DDT, the bug killer, but DST, the time killer. Why do the “powers that be” have to mess with our time? Now I’ve read that they want to instigate DST all year. Oh, no! Way back in 1895 Mr. George Vernon Hudson, lay in his bed one night and devised a […]

Let’s celebrate with the Irish!

By Rosie Moore Bring out the crock pot, chop up a head of cabbage, add a few potatoes and a can of corned beef and, voila! You’re ready to celebrate Ireland’s yearly cultural event. This recipe is easy to make, but there are a lot more complicated recipes. How did this dish become famous in […]

Les Miserables

By Rosie Moore I wrote a column two weeks ago titled “I Dreamed a Dream” and I almost gave this article the same name, simply because the title came from that famous movie, “Les Miserables.” It was brought to my attention because quite a few of the ice skaters at the Olympics skated to that […]

Supreme Ultimate

By Rosie Moore Tai Chi means Supreme Ultimate in the Chinese language. I thought I would be taking Tai Chi lessons a while back but little inconveniences kept getting in the way. The first week — bad weather, the second week–a bad cold, third week, my kitchen flooded, (due to a faulty leak from the […]

I Dreamed a Dream

By Rosie Moore Are you watching the Olympics? I hope so. Those fabulous, sometimes nerve-wracking, yet thrilling games between the most athletic young people in the world–and some not so young are awe-inspiring. Let’s talk about the ice skaters.  While some of them do have falling spills, most of them jump right up and keep […]