Are you superstitious?

By Rosie Moore My grandmother would never own a black cat, or, even pet one, I’m sure. She wouldn’t go outside the front door on a Friday with the date 13, and, never would she walk under a ladder. Superstitions date back to early man’s attempt to explain Nature and his own existence. There was […]

Rosie’s World: A Little Bit of Funny

By Rosie Moore How many of you remember “Calvin and Hobbes”? I imagine quite a few of you do, especially those who had children who enjoyed their antics when they were young. A comic strip about a boy and his imaginary friend, it was created by Bill Watterson. He was born July 5, 1958 in Washington, D.C […]


By Rosie Moore I think if I were to take a poll of what is a person’s favorite season in our monthly walk through the year; I would get a host of replies. There are many who would say, “spring” for who doesn’t like the re-awakening of the earth after a cold and icy winter? […]

Rosie’s World: And then it was winter

By Rosie Moore You know, time has a way of moving quickly and catching your unaware of passing years. It seems just yesterday I was young, just married and embarking on with my new life and my mate. Yet, in a way, it seems like eons ago, and I wonder where all the years went. […]

Rosie’s World: Who but God Can Do This?

By Rosie Moore What an awesome and orderly God! God’s order may be observed in the hatching of eggs. For example–the eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7 days–those of the canary in 14 days–those of the barnyard hen in 21 days. The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days–those of the […]

Recipes For Body and Soul

By Rosie Moore Recipes For Body and Soul Summer is about halfway through and no one wants to stand at a hot stove cooking. I have a healthy recipe for the body and good thoughts for the soul Enjoy! Black Bean and Corn Salad (for body) This bright, simple salad is a great potluck dish, […]

Read a good book

By Rosie Moore There is nothing like reading a good book on a rainy, muggy summer day, which we’ve been having a lot of lately. For the history buffs you must not miss Ken Follett’s book, “Winter of the World.” I say history buffs because this tome is a historical novel 940 pages long, you need […]

Why aren’t comics funny any more?

By Rosie Moore When I was eight years old a classmate of mine talked me into going to Woolworth’s 5 & 10 cent store “just to look around.” We came to the comic book section and she quickly stuck a thick book in a purse she had. Then she told me to get one too. […]

A simple pineapple

By Rosie Moore The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family. It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit. The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad today. It is a multiple fruit, one pineapple is actually made up of dozens of  individual flowerets that grow together to form the entire fruit. Each […]

Remembering Great-Aunt Sophie’s Clothesline

By Rosie Moore When I was a young girl I spent a lot of summers with my great-aunt Sophie, who lived a few miles outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She was a diminutive lady of German ancestry with long, white hair braided around her head, sparkling blue eyes and a dimple in each cheek. There are […]