The last years of Gordon Browning I

The last years of  Gordon Browning I

By Ray Hill Gordon Browning was a veteran of Tennessee’s turbulent and oftentimes brutal political wars. Browning had unseated a twenty-four year incumbent in his first race for Congress in 1920, although he lost the general election to a Republican. Stubborn to a fault, Browning ran again in 1922 and handily beat Lon Scott, the […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I don’t pretend to understand how computers work. Like most of us, I have a vague comprehension of electrons swirling through silicon pathways within the devices we hold in our hands or sit on our desktops. I appreciate quantum mechanics which describe the physics of computers that run the modern world. […]

Phillip Fulmer is back!

By Alex Norman Ok… not sure I am used to living in a world in which the University of Tennessee is making smart decisions that also play well in the court of public opinion with regards to athletics. But that’s where we are now. First, new Tennessee athletic director John Currie promoted former Vol Chris […]

UT and Bama should play, but not count in division standings

By Steve Williams Discussion of Tennessee ending its traditional football series against Alabama continues to pop up from time to time and as long as the Vols keep losing to the Crimson Tide, we’ll hear about it more often. I understand the unfairness in the sentiments of those who think the Alabama game should be […]

Scopes Festival planned for Dayton

By Mike Steely One of the greatest court trials in America is being re-enacted as part of the Scopes Festival in Dayton in July. The 1925 trial, where a local teacher was charged of illegally teaching evolution, will be presented on various days from July 14th to July 22nd in the same room the original […]

Mesmerized by the beach

Neither Out Far Nor In Deep   The people along the sand All turn and look one way. They turn their back on the land. They look at the sea all day.   As long as it takes to pass A ship keeps raising its hull; The wetter ground like glass Reflects a standing gull […]

Jeff Sessions Ends Illegal Practice

Jeff Sessions Ends Illegal Practice

By Steve Hunley Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced the Department of Justice will no longer engage in the practice of “third party settlements.”  This was a common practice by the Department of Justice when Eric Holder was the Attorney General under the Obama administration.  Leftists have once again gnashed their teeth and wailed when […]

Thetus W. Sims: The Senator Who Never Was

Thetus W. Sims: The Senator Who Never Was

By Ray Hill to 1915, United States senators from Tennessee had been elected by the state legislature.  That same year Democrats were anticipating a primary, a year in advance of the 1916 general election.  The primary would include a run-off election between the two top vote getters, something that has never happened since. The incumbent […]

Doctor and Macel On the Way to South Dakota!

Doctor and Macel On the Way to South Dakota!

By Ralphine Major Their names are familiar.  I saw Doctor and Macel mentioned in the late Woodrow Luttrell’s memories of the “Back When” series recently published in the Focus.  Macel was Woodrow’s sister.  I cannot recall a time when I did not know the names “Doctor and Macel.”  But, the story of their wedding and […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Christmas has come to the Ferguson home in June. We’ve begun to move into our new house, but we’re still living out of boxes, and each one we open is like a surprise on Christmas morning. I’m still looking for the box that contains my underwear. The one labeled “Jim’s clothing” […]

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