How do we get allergies?

By Rosie Moore After a few months of sniffling, itching, and sneezing, I finally went to an allergist. What he told me after going through some needle-ing tests, amazed me. I was allergic to weeds, some trees and mold. What! Me! Allergic to Mother Nature, whom I love with all my heart? I have two […]

Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Recently, I’ve considered leaving my column at The Knoxville Focus. I’ve written weekly essays for ten years, but that’s not the issue. I ask myself, “What does it matter?” Maybe it doesn’t, but my sense of  duty is to “man-up” even if that verbiage is threatening to some college kids and […]

When it came down to making one more play, Butch muffed it

Butch Jones should have gone for two! Sorry, I can’t let it go. If he had, I really believe Tennessee would have made it and beaten Texas A&M in regulation. Then that 49-10 loss to Alabama would have been a little easier to swallow. Then we would be 3-1 in SEC play going into this […]

Senator Howard Baker, Part Three

Senator Howard Baker, Part Three

By Ray Hill In the fall of 1966, Republican Howard Baker kicked off his general election campaign for the United States Senate. He faced Democrat Governor Frank Clement in November, one of the most popular and experienced campaigners in Tennessee for the last decade. Since 1953, Frank Clement had served as Tennessee’s governor for all […]

Misdemeanor v. Felony Offenses

By Jedidiah McKeehan As complicated as the criminal justice may seem, there are really only three different levels of offenses: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. An infraction is something simple like a speeding ticket or a moving violation, where a police officer will write you a ticket and you are required to pay a fine or […]

Dream a Little Dream with Me

By Joe Rector When I was just a wee lad, I lay in bed at nights and dream. On some occasions, they were interrupted by warm streams that ran down my legs and soaked the sheets. No, I wasn’t dreaming of a bath or a swim in the ocean; I had not yet conquered the […]

What Happened To Hallowe’en?

By Rosie Moore The sidewalks will soon be filled with goblins, ghosts, and ghoulish costumes, worn by children and adults. Whether you like it or not, many play at being scary. The sad fact of the matter is Hallowe’en is actually scary–in real life, in this day and age. When I was young, we would […]

The Rat Park

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Hardly a day goes by without some story, tragedy or crime related to drugs. Statistics tell us that we are in the middle of a drug epidemic and Tennessee is an epicenter. In our state the per capita usage of opioids, like hydrocodone and oxycodone, and the use of benzodiazepines like […]

Senator Howard Baker, Part Two

Senator Howard Baker, Part Two

By Ray Hill After having lost a close race for the United States Senate in 1964, Howard H. Baker, Jr. resolved to run again in 1966.  Senator Ross Bass would have to defend his seat after only two years, as he was completing the term of the late Estes Kefauver.  The winner of the 1966 […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Families are living organisms, analogous to human beings. Humans are comprised of integrated organs; correspondingly, each member of a family plays a vital role in the whole. There is an African proverb which says, “It takes a village” to raise a child. The proverb emphasizes the village, a community which is […]

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