John W. Bricker of Ohio

John W. Bricker of Ohio

By Ray Hill Few politicians have a career as successful as that of John William Bricker of Ohio; state attorney general (an elected position in Ohio), three times governor and twice United States senator. Bricker came from very humble beginnings, born on September 6, 1893, along with a twin sister, in Madison County, Ohio.  Handsome […]

The Music Fades

By Joe Rector Glenn Frey is dead! Say it isn’t so! Just like too many Baby Boomer musical heroes, Frey leaves us much too early. Music might make the biggest impression in the lives of every person. Losing artists makes us pause as we remember their music and the events that made it so memorable. […]

Jennifer Owen: Committed to Students

By Sally Absher In a letter to the Second District, BOE candidate Jennifer Owen said, “My excitement for the new year includes the potential for positive change for the community and students in Knox County Schools. I hope you will join me in driving that change by electing me to represent the Second District on […]

The Chalk Board: February 1, 2016

By Sally Absher Harrison Construction Gifts Holston Middle School Last Friday Harrison Construction hosted a special assembly from seventh grade students at Holston Middle School to announce a $15,201 grant to the school. The grant was given with the intent that a group of seventh grade students be given an incredible opportunity to further their […]

Enjoying the Snow

By Ralphine Major It can often provide a time of quiet reflection—the first snowfall of winter.  The sight of snowflakes drifting aimlessly to the ground creates a sense of wonder for all ages.  Its presence slows the pace of ordinary days and brings a beauty to the barren land.  A single snowflake is barely noticed; […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson This week marks my 400th essay for The Knoxville Focus. One might consider this as a milestone and invoke special verbiage. However, what’s on my mind is a topic relevant in all circumstances. During my recent illness family, friends and fellow parishioners often said they were thinking and praying for me […]

Tennessee connections (again) at the Super Bowl

By Alex Norman Well, here we go again… Despite a recent run of futility that only now seems to be ending after eight long years in the college football abyss, the Tennessee Vols are going to be represented in the Super Bowl for the 24th time in the past 25 seasons. In fact, there are […]

Super Bowl stuff and a little basketball on the side

By Steve Williams Holly Warlick has lost more basketball games than she wanted to this season, but she hasn’t lost her sense of humor. In the middle of an interview on the Lady Vol Illustrated radio show last week, the night after another turnover-riddled showing by her team at Kentucky, Coach Warlick sneezed right on […]

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