Things should run a lot smoother for Lady Vols this season

By Steve Williams The past two seasons of Tennessee women’s basketball felt much like a rollercoaster ride for its fans. And for Coach Holly Warlick, there probably were nights when she felt like screaming … and pulling her hair out. Based on her comments to the Rotary Club of Knoxville last Tuesday, Warlick is feeling […]

Can You Get Married Without Being Present?

By Jed McKeehan When you think about marriage ceremonies, there are a few images that usually come to mind.  The bride walking down the aisle, saying vows in front of a minister, kissing the bride, having a reception, and maybe seeing a relative of the bridal party do or say something incredibly embarrassing. But what […]

Tennessee and the League of Nations V

Tennessee and the League of Nations V

By Ray Hill Despite intense pressure from constituents and his own political party, Senator John Knight Shields of Tennessee remained determined to vote his convictions as the United States Senate considered the Treaty of Versailles.  John Knight Shields had been the only Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to break ranks and support the […]

Congressman Duncan, Public Servant

By Ralphine Major “May I help you?” I asked. “Hello.  I’m Jim Duncan, Mr. Duncan’s son,” he said while extending his hand. I was working that summer as an intern in the late Congressman John J. Duncan’s Knoxville office.  After classes ended for this college freshman, I walked from the University of Tennessee (UT) campus […]

Who Can Witness the Execution of a Will?

By Jed McKeehan So you would like to make a will, who do you need present to witness your will execution? Tennessee Code Annotated Section 32-1-104 states that you must have two disinterested witnesses to the will’s execution. What does “disinterested” mean? Disinterested means that the witness does not receive any gift or bequest under […]

The end

By Joe Rector One of my classes read poems by Emily Dickinson. Some were light-hearted while others were much more serious. Students decided that Dickinson was obsessed with death; I didn’t disagree with them. However, her obsession caused these young folks to think about death and the things about it. I could see them considering […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson With all that is wrong in the world today I sometimes lose sight of the beauty and the majesty of creation. A friend and a reader of my stories noted a sense of pessimism in my Focus musings. I will admit that I am a glass-half-empty kind of guy. And though […]

Fee versus ‘Free’

Fee versus ‘Free’

By Steve Hunley Evidently the Knoxville News-Sentinel has taken up the cause of allowing folks to copy public documents with cell phones.  According to the Sentinel, this is a fundamental aspect of transparency required for the public good.  The Sentinel is commending the efforts of State Senator Mike Bell, a Riceville Republican.  Senator Bell is […]

Tennessee and the League of Nations, IV

Tennessee and the League of Nations, IV

By Ray Hill Tennessee’s senior United States senator, John Knight Shields, had surprised tens of thousands of his constituents and infuriated many members of his own Democratic Party when he had voted to add reservations to the Treaty of Versailles in the Senate.  The treaty was the culmination of months of torturous negotiations between the […]

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