Here we go again

  By Joe Rector Another day brought another massacre of young people. Douglas High School suffered from the maniacal acts of a former student. In the end, seventeen persons are dead and as many have been wounded. The weapon of choice in the crime was an AR-15 rifle, a semi-automatic version of the military’s M16. […]

Duty to Render Aid

  By Jedidiah McKeehan In the final episode of Seinfeld, the four main characters are sent to jail for a year for failing to render aid to someone getting mugged (if you have not seen it yet, I am not sorry, it aired 20 years ago). There is a similar statute in Tennessee that requires […]

What is the Vols’ ceiling?

By Alex Norman In March, Tennessee’s men’s basketball team will play in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2014.  They also have a decent chance of winning the SEC tournament, something they haven’t done since 1979. Tennessee has swept their season series with Kentucky and Vanderbilt and beat Florida in their only regular […]

Region semifinal at Alcoa could be a dandy

By Steve Williams My favorite night at high school basketball tournament time has for years been the region semifinals. This is the game, I believe, when the pressure is the thickest. A win takes a little of the pressure off as it puts a team in the region finals and guarantees a sectional berth. If […]

School Safety: Nothing More Important

School Safety: Nothing More Important

By Steve Hunley Last week both the print and electronic media reported on an incident at Holston Middle School. It caused a firestorm and called into question just how effective the school system’s security procedures are. Had this incident not immediately followed the mass shooting at a Florida school, it might have gone unnoticed. Instead, […]

February is Heart Month

  By Rosie Moore Valentine’s Day is over and enjoyed by millions of people showing their love for others.  February still remains the “heart” month because of its close connection with that amorous holiday. That heart that we celebrate each year is becoming more and more battered by disease. More and more people are dying […]

Talking with nothing to say

  By Joe Rector I admit it; I have a propensity to talk and talk. It’s not that the sound of my voice is pleasing nor is it that I have words of wisdom for the ages. No, I most often talk too much when I’m bored or nervous. In either situation, yapping like a […]

Happy Presidents’ Day!

By Ralphine Major The writing on the name tags does not show, but the silhouettes on the tags bear resemblance to the former presidents whose birthdays we celebrate in February.  Years ago, our mother usually baked a cherry pie on February 22 for Washington’s birthday and rolled up a Lincoln Log Cake on February 12 […]

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