25 Years Ago: The Blizzard of ‘93

By Ralphine Major I am not sure if anyone saw it coming.  As I recall, there was nothing unusual about the forecast for snow during the winter of ‘93.  It will be 25 years ago this coming March since the Blizzard of ‘93 struck our nation, causing death and destruction and paralyzing everyone in its […]

Snow Days

By Dr. Jim Ferguson When I had a full time medical practice, snow-days were relaxing. My office was closed and hospital rounds were not dictated by a waiting room full of patients. How times have changed for me. Now, snow-days mean school closures and we get the “cute-ones” for the day and often more. All […]

Dormady Never Had a Chance

By Alex Norman Quinten Dormady came to Tennessee in the first week of January in 2015, an early enrollee from Boerne, Texas.  He was a 4-star recruit, considered to be one of the top 10 Pro Style quarterbacks in the nation. He had offers from Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, and even Alabama.  But in the […]

Tennessee Talking Horse Congressman: Dan Kuykendall

By Ray Hill Dan Kuykendall (pronounced Kirk-en-dall) was the first Republican to be elected to Congress from West Tennessee since 1882. Kuykendall was also the first Republican to represent E. H. Crump’s former domain of Memphis in the House of Representatives; Kuykendall was also the last Republican to represent the area in Congress. Kuykendall was […]

What is a Holographic Will and is it a Legitimate Will?

  By Jed McKeehan You may have never heard of the term, “holographic will.”  What does it mean?  A holographic will is a will that is handwritten and signed by the person making the will. Some states do not recognize holographic wills as valid wills and they are definitely not preferred as they are usually […]

Accepting and living

By Joe Rector Not long ago, Rev. Larry Dial encouraged his flock to dare to tell their stories. He said that doing so was one way of carrying out our missions as Christians. He also stated that, just perhaps, we might connect with another person who has experienced similar circumstances. A little more than four […]

Remembering the East Tennessee Chest Disease Hospital

By Ralphine Major Shaped like a crescent moon, the big tan building set atop a hill at the end of a long driveway on Tazewell Pike in northeast Knox County. Originally known as the Beverly Hills TB Sanitorium and later the East Tennessee Tuberculosis Hospital, the facility’s main purpose was to treat tuberculosis patients. The […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Every week I wait for a story to find me. Sometimes a story is obvious like Trump versus The Swamp. Sometimes a story line just strikes you on the toe. When Becky and I built our retirement home we were sure to include a wood burning fireplace. There’s something about fire […]

Looking to 2018: The Tennessee Sports Scene

By Alex Norman Hello there!  Hope that you had a good new year’s.  I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018. I understand how busy everyone is these days.  Work, school, family… it can get really easy to miss out on some of the good stuff with regards to the Tennessee sports scene. So […]

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