Friendships Rekindled

By Ralphine Major It was 1973, and we were young.  With our waist-length dark hair, we looked like students.  We were.  But, we were also bridging the gap between student and employee.  It was in the work place that Linda and I first met. The Daniel & Duncan Law Firm was located in the Burwell […]

What is the Tennessee Code Annotated?

By Jed McKeehan The vast majority of laws that apply to individuals on a daily basis are state laws. Of course we have federal laws like the Constitution that establish many of our most important rights, but state laws generally govern our daily interactions. They govern what is considered a crime and how long a […]

Thank You Congressman Duncan

Thank You Congressman Duncan

By Steve Hunley Congressman John J. “Jimmy” Duncan has announced he will not be a candidate for reelection next year.  The people of Tennessee’s Second Congressional District owe Jimmy Duncan a debt of gratitude for a job well done.  Like his father before him, Duncan was never a publicity-seeker, which is saying something in this […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson My daughter’s adopted home is Portland, Oregon and so I pay special attention to what goes on there. And Portland is again in the news. Portland is like Knoxville in a lot of ways, including being a haven for the homeless. However, Portland is a bigger city than Knoxville and like […]

What will they say?

By Joe Rector I just arrived in Hendersonville, TN, to return my grandson Madden to his home. He’s graced us with his presence for the last three days. During that time, we made whirlwind trips to places where the boy could enjoy himself. Madden is a wonderful boy who was stricken with the same problem […]

Move to the Magnolia State!

  By Ralphine Major His distinguished career path took the East Tennessee native from Corryton to Memphis for education and training in the field of dentistry on his journey to becoming a board certified oral and maxillofacial pathologist.  He taught 13 years at The University of Tennessee and ten years at Oral Roberts University in […]

What Does the Law Say About Having Car Insurance?

By Jedidiah McKeehan Why exactly do we have to have car insurance?  Is it really against the law to drive around without having it? Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.) Title 55, Chapter 12 is titled, “Financial Responsibility,” and discusses what is required. T.C.A. 55-12-102 states that “proof of financial responsibility” means: a policy with a limit […]

McMillan Zero Tolerance For Discrimination

McMillan Zero Tolerance For Discrimination

By Steve Hunley   The Knox County Board of Education has been supposedly wrestling with a new policy for disciplining students.  The Board has been urged to adopt “restorative policies”, which focus less on punishment than welcoming those students who commit offenses once deemed appropriate for suspension with open arms and attempting to reason with […]

When Two Congressmen Collide, IV

When Two Congressmen Collide, IV

By Ray Hill Ridley Mitchell, the colorful congressman from Tennessee’s Fourth District, suddenly found himself embroiled in a debate with fellow Representative John J. Cochran of Missouri, an effective and acerbic speaker. The topic was the seemingly unimportant removal of Bedford County in Mitchell’s Congressional district to the jurisdiction of the federal court in Winchester, […]

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