Fee versus ‘Free’

Fee versus ‘Free’

By Steve Hunley Evidently the Knoxville News-Sentinel has taken up the cause of allowing folks to copy public documents with cell phones.  According to the Sentinel, this is a fundamental aspect of transparency required for the public good.  The Sentinel is commending the efforts of State Senator Mike Bell, a Riceville Republican.  Senator Bell is […]

Tennessee and the League of Nations, IV

Tennessee and the League of Nations, IV

By Ray Hill Tennessee’s senior United States senator, John Knight Shields, had surprised tens of thousands of his constituents and infuriated many members of his own Democratic Party when he had voted to add reservations to the Treaty of Versailles in the Senate.  The treaty was the culmination of months of torturous negotiations between the […]

Merle The ‘Okie from Muskogee’

By Ralphine Major I got as close to the stage as I could and snapped a photo with my instamatic camera.  In those days, I do not think I had even heard of a camera with a telephoto lens or zoom feature.  Satisfied that I had captured the image on film, I returned to my […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson As I crossed the dark parking lot it happened again. This time I was not threatened, because the disheveled woman who approached me for alms was pitiable and obviously only harmful to herself. And in my heart and mind the conundrum replayed. Should I follow the Master’s directive (Matthew 25:40) or […]

What are the recruits thinking?

By Alex Norman “What does this mean for recruiting, Lane?” That was the line that will forever be connected to Tennessee football recruiting, after a media member yelled that at a fleeing Lane Kiffin the night he resigned in 2010, putting the Vols further down the road to mediocrity. Kiffin’s former assistant coach Ed Orgeron […]

Tennessee and the League of Nations III

Tennessee and the League of Nations III

Governor Tom C. Rye had run for the United States Senate in the 1918 Democratic primary against Senator John Knight Shields as a supporter of President Woodrow Wilson and lost. Rye’s defeat did not necessarily mean the people of Tennessee had turned against Wilson; in fact, had the President written the public letter denouncing Shields […]

What Force Can You Use to Protect Your Property?

By Jedediah McKeehan Say that you are walking out to your car after a trip to the store and you see someone breaking in to your car, or maybe you’re walking down the street and someone runs by and snatches your purse.  What can you do to recover or protect your property in these instances? […]

Small woman, large contributions

By Joe Rector Nellie West passed away Sunday, October 1, 2017. No, most folks won’t know who she was, but her family certainly will. The following day, Tom Petty, rock legend, died after suffering full cardiac arrest. Probably, millions knew of him. Which death is more devastating? I keep hearing when persons of fame die […]

Butch Jones is the little train that couldn’t

By Steve Williams The University of Tennessee football program has come off the track. The 41-0 loss to Georgia in a dressed up Neyland Stadium was just the latest shake and rattle before the derailment. The Volunteer express under Butch Jones has been swerving for two seasons now. Faithful passengers are fed up and want […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Sometimes the best explanation for the otherwise inexplicable is evil. But then you’d have to believe that there is such a thing as evil. Is there a force in the world that opposes good? For most of man’s history the notion that there were opposing forces at work in the world […]

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