A new fitness center opens in Seymour

By Tasha Mahurin Thirty-year-old Amanda Harmon is finally fit. “I began to struggle with weight in my early twenties,” Harmon told The Focus. “My weight ‘yo-yoed back and forth by as much as 30lbs. I was unable to maintain it.” Through diet and consistent exercise, she was able to overcome her health challenges. Now, Harmon […]

Attempts for 2013

By Joe Rector It’s that special day when people everywhere wake to a new beginning. The first day of a new year is a time when folks reassess their lives and make plans for improvement. I did it as well. For years I promised myself each January 1 to lose weight. All my life I’ve […]

Publisher’s Position: A Case of the Quivers

By Steve Hunley, Publisher Superintendent of Schools Dr. James P. McIntyre is beginning to promote his “State of the Schools” address.  This has become an annual event and not only promotes McIntyre, but helps to set the table for the expected request for more money for the school system.  Last year, McIntyre unveiled his new […]

‘Silent Night’ as the world watched

By Ralphine Major It was a P. Graham Dunn creation made in America, and I thought it was beautiful.  P. Graham Dunn is one of my favorite styles of Christian art.  The simple Christmas plaque with lyrics set against a soft blue background struck a chord with me.  The song that brings us comfort in […]

Had me at Kentucky

By Sarah Baker So I was sitting at Waffle House with my friend Katherine when a stranger approached our booth. “Can I have a few minutes of your time?” he asked.  Here goes, I thought. I was all set to explain to him that I already know Jesus and that I don’t have any money. […]

William Gibbs McAdoo

William Gibbs McAdoo

  By Ray Hill Few men have lived as colorful and productive a life as did William Gibbs McAdoo, who was, incidentally, a one-time resident of Knoxville.  A lawyer, businessman, son-in-law of a President of the United States, member of a President’s Cabinet, U.S. Senator from California, and presidential aspirant, W. G. McAdoo left little […]

Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go

By Dr. Jim Ferguson In case you haven’t realized, the world has fundamentally changed and the “New Order” is now in charge.  As 2013 dawns it is apparent that my cohorts are no longer in control – nor am I.  In describing the role of parents, I believe the Proverbist said it best: “Teach your […]

Scared stiff

By Joe Rector I sometimes remember when a bad dream would pull me from sleep and leave me scared witless in the dark. The urge to run to my parents’ bedroom and crawl in with them was strong, but not as strong as the fear that something would get me if I put one foot […]